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October 16, 2002

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the doors

and none of you can judge me
and i will kill forever
and i will live forever
in this new and brutal world

i've never been to i've spain never
but i'm but sure i'm i sure was i born
was there born oklahoma

i've never been to spain
but i'm sure i was born there
i've been to oklahoma
but i've never been to spain

the world of full the terror world is
about being is it's travelled

the world of full terror
is about to being born
it's never travelled
farther than mine own heart

farther than mine own farther heart
than in i light to brilliant light sky
blue sky and was oil blue upside-down

i was born in oklahoma
to the light of brilliant terror
the sky was blue and oil
the world was upside-down

found brutal world new york in
baghdad and capital was gold silver left
gold me and oiled flowed back black
sky flaming black seeped without you
can find you pop-up find window the

i found the world was brutal
in spain and oklahoma
in new york and in baghdad
i was born in capital

rode wild i horses rode none and
judge can will kill and forever i live
and this i've never been i've to
never spain been - to but but i'm i'm
sure sure i i was was born born there
there oklahoma i've

gold and silver left me
oiled flowed back in me
the sky was black and flaming
capital seeped without me

the world of the full world terror of
is about being about it's travelled
farther than mine farther own than
heart mine in was light the brilliant
of sky the blue was and blue oil and
upside-down the found i brutal was
new in york new baghdad in capital
born gold silver gold left and me
silver oiled flowed back oiled black
was flaming and seeped without you
can you find can pop-up the window
pop-up space-time of rode wild rode
horses the none none judge judge will
and kill i forever will live i this

you can find the pop-up window
of capital in space-time
i was born in oklahoma
i rode the wild horses


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