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October 18, 2002 of azure, dreaming, repetition, stars, victorian,
small black buttoned blouse, white nightgown, brown jacket and skirt

background azure background in azure victorian. in there victorian. are
there stars.  are the moving. stars the moving. in victorian, out, and 52.
out, the 52.

are she and is out out 52 of victorian. 52 stars. foreground a a plane.
plane. it it is somewhat luminous. luminous. in reflective. the starless.

camera upper scans left upper to left lower to left, lower lower left,
left across, across, up, up, down, down, across across down.

down. soon victorian the 52, victorian starless, and right, fast fast
flyback flyback to left. scans then then repetition. repetition.
background, background, azure, out body azure, scanned scanned flyback.

foreground, background looking, and at at camera, you, you, from staring
one from to one other other at eyes, camera, scattered, scanned.
scattered, glowing, scanned.

rounded, glowing, moving at edges. of

background azure in victorian. there are stars.  the stars are moving. the
victorian, in and out, are 52. she is in and out of the 52 victorian. the
stars. in the foreground a plane. it is somewhat luminous. it is somewhat
reflective. the victorian. in and out, are 52. foreground azure in
victorian. starless. the camera scans upper left to lower left, lower left
across, up, across, down, across up, across down. soon the victorian 52,
stars and starless, scans to upper right, fast flyback to upper left. then
down, in repetition. in foreground and background, azure, in and out of 52
victorian. the body is somewhat luminous. the body is scanned up, down,
across, flyback. in background and foreground, looking, at camera, at you,
staring from one to other eyes, scattered, scanned. glowing, rounded, in
and out of the 52 victorian. stars moving at the edges. foreground azure
in victorian.


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