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October 19, 2002


We are are absolutely absolutely going going to to be be destroyed,
destroyed, Jennifer Jennifer said


We Using attribution the of attribution quotes of makes quotes it makes
easier, it Nikuko easier, replied

Nikuko Using replied

the No quotes then, said said Jennifer

 We're We're off, off, said Nikuko

No New is York a is city a in city perpetual in anxiety perpetual and
anxiety mourning

and New mourning

York One dominates sniper hundreds dominates of hundreds square square of
miles curtailed curtailed One activity

sniper The world world hates hates the United States, States, which which
lies lies constantly


The There in evil will will coupled destroy suicide

coupled There with is suicide

evil or well another rule religion the may ruins well of rule the ruins
One planet

religion Every await day the we nuclear await holocaust nuclear come,
holocaust Jennifer come, Every This This no no time time for for
attribution, attribution, carry carry face face disease disease


Biogenetics Biogenetics guarantees guarantees virulence virulence
remaining remaining Capital now Capital drives now itself drives heedless
itself consumers

of pours every into remaining every interstice; interstice; is there no

pours can apocalypse scribble over apocalypse over over again, again, One
It It difference difference at at all, all, Then Then softens softens
blows blows needlessly, needlessly, What is, we're said saying Nikuko is,
and together, What then we're laughed


We are absolutely going to be destroyed, Jennifer said.
Using the attribution of quotes makes it easier, Nikuko replied.
No quotes then, said Jennifer. We're off, said Nikuko.
There is evil in the will to destroy coupled with suicide.
Every day we await the nuclear holocaust to come, Jennifer said.
This is no time for attribution, Nikuko replied.
We carry the face of disease and destruction.
One can scribble the apocalypse over and over again, Nikuko said.
It makes no difference at all, Jennifer replied.
Then attribution softens the blows needlessly, Nikuko said.
What we're saying is, said Nikuko and Jennifer together, then laughed.



We are absolutely going to be destroyed,
Jennifer said
Using attribution the of quotes makes it easier, Nikuko replied
No then,  We're off, New is York a city in perpetual anxiety and

One dominates sniper hundreds square miles curtailed activity
The world hates United States, which lies constantly
There evil will coupled destroy suicide
with or well another rule religion may ruins planet

Every await day we nuclear holocaust come,
This no time for attribution, carry face disease destruction
Biogenetics guarantees virulence remaining Capital now drives itself heedless

pours every into interstice; there escape
can apocalypse scribble over again, It difference at all, Then softens
blows needlessly, What is, we're saying together, then laughed

Jennifer. Nikuko.


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