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October 20, 2002

didn't i'm want sick to of write it, about i any stay of out this. of i'm
didn't sick want it, write i about stay any out of discussions, want
they're to too write painful. about jews. discussions, you they're not too
one painful. then anything. don't europe know and anything. british europe
empire and refused british them, empire didn't refused then them, don't
help. i so was nothing. shot israel if palestine. you was then shot help.
at. so if nothing. never, israel you're ignorant. ignorant. middle-eastern
middle-eastern psychosis psychosis over over decades. decades. i've i've
been been there, there, you're arab all jewish walk friends. first we're
in all my racists. shoes walk then first arab in and my jewish shoes
friends. i'll else's listen. than someone no else's group's than exempt.
your i've own. i'll no listen. group's walk exempt. in there have many
idea times. what's have on. idea been what's there going too on. many
worlds times. corralled, to lassoed, write by a words. long wanted on a
corralled, long lassoed, essay by on words. this, i the wanted experient-
ial the political, what's but the point. contaminate rather experiential
contaminate of writing, back this the text, usual. play own back life's
usual. the own this life's text, exempt, not country's the holocaust the
continues same same country's names have world-wide, you felt have it. you
eaten-holocaust, names drank world-wide, drunk-holocaust. me tell excuses.
me without excuses. we without might we drunk-holocaust. might don't you.
chains with - usual all chains over - you. wouldn't it, word, blind, what
deaf, talking you about, can blind, is deaf, speak can i'm do talking is
about, speak you're speak, death-wish speak. to it's judge death-wish
other. judge started other. speak, started it's way the before had now,
its every pogroms, country you had wouldn't its know, pogroms, you know,
now, haven't country wrong you end even gun. suffocating even the marched.
wrong suffocating of me, know :: didn't want to write about any of this.
you wouldn't know, you haven't been on the wrong end of a gun. have you
even marched. you're suffocating me, you don't know what this is all
about, do you.



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europeet Hel
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