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October 27, 2002

3 poems

i kill a man

see me, his i face, have it cut looms into before the me, throat, have see
cut his into face, the it throat, looms borne is soul enemy, away, he he
is is evil our - enemy, have evil soul -

away, will stop many - others, i alone his stop he him will remove others,
eyes, alone they are deadly, they hate deadly, stab longer ears, his no
been longer approved, hear i plans his been he approved, will world i
guns, him keep a in - box world there i nourishment, box warmth a of box
blanket, - drink, is food, subject comforting to bed

my subject no to drink, my food, eternal comforting fury bed be to master,
repeatedly ride - death, be repeatedly his death i just others, as his has
knows ridden no violence about knows just bounds, he nothing has about
ridden speaks any speaks good of stolen

he land everything and good humanity, pure robs has everything stolen pure
and name in righteousness - corrupt he rip i out will tongue, the tear
marrow teeth, brain eat his marrow tear brain teeth, slaughter him this
man, man, a perfection -

i kill a man

see his face, it looms before me, have cut into the throat, borne soul
away, he is our enemy, evil - will many others, alone stop him remove
eyes, they are deadly, hate stab ears, no longer hear plans been approved,
world guns, keep in box there nourishment, warmth of blanket, drink, food,
comforting bed subject to my eternal fury be master, ride death,
repeatedly death just as has ridden violence

knows bounds, nothing about speaks any good stolen land and humanity, robs
everything pure name righteousness corrupt rip out tongue, tear teeth, eat
marrow brain slaughter this man, perfection

i kill a man

i see his face, it looms before me, i have cut into the throat,
have borne the soul away, he is our enemy, he is evil -

he will kill many others, i alone will stop him - i remove his eyes,
they are deadly, they hate -

i stab his ears, he will no longer hear his plans have been approved,
his world is guns, i keep him in a box -

i keep the box in a box - there is no nourishment, no warmth of blanket,
no drink, food, comforting bed - he is subject to my eternal fury -
i will be his master, i will ride him to death, repeatedly to death -

just as he has ridden others, his violence knows no bounds, nothing about
him speaks of any good -

he has stolen our land and our humanity, he robs everything good and pure
in the world - he speaks in the name of his righteousness corrupt - i will
rip out his tongue, tear out his teeth, i will eat the marrow of his brain
- i will slaughter him and slaughter him -

this is a man, this is a perfection of man -


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