The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 28, 2002

i know a man

see before his me, face, i it have looms sutured before the me, throat,
have see sutured his the face, throat, it returned friend, soul, is he so
is very our good friend, - so the very soul, good he -

is will will save help many him, others, i help eyes, him, he restore save
eyes, others, they they are are full full of of life, life, love love
hearing, his hear been plans i been his dismissed,

hearing, world i peace, prison release his him world from is every a
prison world feed a and comfortable nourish place make live comfortable i
place feed to and live nourish sleep,

make offer and best flourishes drink my food, - flourishes him with the my
best kindness of be life, servant, will bring - back will just helped as

has kindness helped knows knows just no as bounds, he everything has about
speaks about given our us humanity, lives eliminates humanity, he
eliminates given evil us corruption he everywhere speaks in in world, name
name everywhere

humility the perfection, his speech, will heal sooth sooth will myself
useful make unto myself this is man, man an miracles unknown - who is
worketh a miracles man,

i know a man

see his face, it looms before me, have sutured the throat,
returned soul, he is our friend, so very good -

will save many others, help him, restore eyes,
they are full of life, love hearing, hear plans been dismissed,

world peace, release him from every prison feed and nourish make
comfortable place to live sleep,

offer best drink food, flourishes with my kindness be servant, bring back
just as has helped knows no bounds, everything

about speaks given us lives humanity, eliminates evil corruption
everywhere in world, name humility perfection, speech, heal sooth myself
useful unto this man, an unknown who worketh miracles

i know a man

i see his face, it looms before me, i have sutured the throat,
have returned the soul, he is our friend, he is so very good -

he will save many others, i will help him, i restore his eyes,
they are full of life, they love -

i restore his hearing, he will hear his plans have been dismissed,
his world is a world of peace, i release him from every prison -

i feed and nourish him, make him a comfortable place to live and sleep,
offer him the best of drink and food, he flourishes with my kindness -
i will be his servant, i will bring him back to life, i will help him -

just as he has helped others, his kindness knows no bounds, everything
about him speaks of good -

he has given us our lives and our humanity, he eliminates evil and
corruption everywhere in the world, he speaks in the name of humility and
perfection, i will restore his speech, heal him, i will sooth him,
make myself useful unto him -

this is a man, this is an unknown man who worketh miracles -


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