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November 2, 2002

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"I want earthquakes, because I know that then the earth can breathe."
- Nijinsky -

the great lamina of the stars sway back and forth -
you can see the oldest stars - they are pure and clean -
they are the youngest - they have no motives -

the animal of the victorian woman splayed on the couch -
she is in browns and maroons and red - her legs are naked - spread -
she is the youngest in the world - she has invented language -
she has invented motive -

she sways back and forth on the laminar plane - in tune
with the rhythms of the universe - the laminar plane and stars
are in an 1844 train tunnel riding the harbor to long island -
the vault is brickwork painted white - you can still see the cinders
on the ceiling - the engines had 7 foot wheels of wood - they
were strapped with iron - the stars sway and disappear into the depths
of the 1844 brooklyn tunnel which is the oldest subway in the world -

the naked woman rides before the stars - her clothes thrown open -
thrown to one side -

memories of trains -

memories of trains - cinders and soot spew forth from an absent
object - from an invisible object - they make arcs - they spread -
splay - the tunnel is the space of the nineteenth century -

o loving eye caressing the objects with totality against totality -
searching out tunnels among tunnels, holes among holes - the youngest
stars know thee not, neither the oldest, neither the sun or any
luminary body -

of philosophy -

that language is small labor, the reading and writing of it, the
speaking of it - the margins of language perform according to
persuasion and consensus - the world is invisible to the speaking
of the dinosaurs - all culture is a stuttering -

"The earth is alive. It was once a sun." - Nijinski -



KENJI SIRATORI, BLOOD ELECTRIC, published 2002 by creation books - - BUY THIS BOOK -

Your book came; it's absolutely brilliant! I really am amazed by it - the
long looping sentences, the slow stuttering development, never sure what
side the language is on, how it's generated, whether human or machine is

I don't see it as Burroughs, although I understand the reference. For me,
Burroughs is oddly modernist; there are conspiracies and organizations and
everything seems to fly apart but never really does; it goes back to
literature. In your work, the flying apart is almost hysteric; it's global
networking - it's the end of literature in a way and the beginning of
nexus in another -

Your book came; it's almost impossible to read straight-through! It rides
on the hinge between bot and machine, software and wetware programming! In
a sense it's Stelarc in print, but with the latter, the machinic and the
body are in negotiated homeostasis; ontology isn't challenged. In your
work, I'm not sure who or what is behind it.

I don't know the vocabulary which constantly collapses; there's nothing
transitive here, no connectors, or - in place - everything in this, in
language itself as this might point is - is transitive, a deferral among
the more violent physics of the world. Speaking/writing/reading take
relatively little energy in general compared to a hammer, cyclotron,
motorcycle, stove, scissors. The physical world transforms, is inert,
among enunciations that effect and affect actions. Over book-length the
capital WORDS change - early ADAM late ToKAGE - they anchor the page -

Your book came; it slides off page 224, the last! I know there's no ending
to anything here, to the vicissitudes of language. It has nothing
whatsoever to do with Stelarc, who divides his work among language and
silence, body-movement-introjection, and language-projection on the page.
This among the cyberpunk, cypherpunk, scissorpunk, melds like Burroughs;
unlike Burroughs it's all present-tense description that's a cross-
dressing performative -

Or the performative is that of kenji siratori - kenji satori - reading
back into the author - it's not like the Eliza program - indeterminate in
that respect - the who or the what of the making - where are the commas -
semicolons -

The :: // >/ language collapse. The << >> or :<< >> language collapse.
Levels without closure - tags and metatags - incomplete guides. Thus
"rapture::the streaming=energy strategy of the human-genome//". Back-
cover blurb, Jack Hunter in part: "black reverb of soft machine seppuku, a
molten unspooling of sheet metal entrails" and Stephen Barber in part
"blood- and semen-encrusted debris with the finesse of a beserk Issey
Miyake" - everyone _into it._

Your book coma/came: not cyberpunk!:://but slime-mold particulate entities
- inhalations, exhalation, exaltations - subterranean sweep of submerged//
massive surge::look - it's a flat text - planar or shifting planes - skew-
orthogonal planes to be exact -

It's a flat text - the depth of a meter to be exact - that is, a meter
above and below the text - one hundred centimeters by my calculation -
internal and external organs / prostheses broken down, imploded - the
characters phenomenologically spread among the text - everything internal
and external is excrescence - and always in closeup - the length of a
needle - the span of a wire - taut relationships among avatars -
retro-ADAM - body-OMOTYA -

Your book came - incredible; I can't read the imminence of the plot! I
don't know what's happening! I know something's happening - colors and
collusions across a global laminanimal space - "labyrinth::cold-blooded
diseases of love-reptiles with murder function of ADAM Doll
function/uterus-machine that exploded" - continuous return to the useless
performative of the PAGE - alphabetically-sectioned (Dead Bargain /
digital-animal-structure / Edge) through Pork then back to abolition
connecting with first-section abolition but last p. 224 running off the
page (see above) - Joycian, circular - the run-off finishing on first
abolition's page 9 -

Sliding off, abolition repeats for the most part - then it's after that,
the inbetween - A-Z through Pork - become-unique, turbulent - retro-
fitted, future-anterior -

The book I can't read! I can't read any book; the book implodes precisely
50 centimeters beneath the surface of my skin - from the other side -
mirror looking in - convex or concave - the problematic of its opticality
- "Our machine beast is twisted to the logic space of an amoeba::the
digital nightmare invades the quantum spiral of a cyber sun::it is the
record of death//" -

Your book came! - I don't know you, what you are, who you are, what group
prostheses - of which continent - of which program or litany of bots or
human anguish endeavored into present-tense psycho-disturbance - the
opposition of Jabes - lips come back to suture - the book to end books -
of continuous ascription to machine/event/situation/narratology/author/
flesh - your book came - this is the process/procedure of REVIEW -

KENJI SIRATORI, BLOOD ELECTRIC, published 2002 by creation books - - BUY THIS BOOK


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