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November 13, 2002

When the award-winning digital artist Talan Memmott came to the Graduate
Program in Creative Writing at Brown University this fall as an MFA
candidate in electronic writing, something new was happening. He followed
upon such previous e-lit luminaries as Bobby Arellano, Shelley Jackson,
Mary Kim Arnold, Mark Amerika, Matt Derby, Judd Morrissey, and Noah
Wardrip-Fruin, but all of these writers were accepted as graduate fiction
writers, not electronic writers.

And now the unique fellowship awarded to Memmott has been converted into a
permanent annual Creative Writing graduate fellowship in electronic
writing, perhaps the first of its kind in the world (any challenges?). It
offers tuition and a stipend, partly earned in the second year by teaching
workshops, which in the case of those holding this new fellowship will be
electronic writing courses, thereby expanding the university´┐Żs course
offerings in the digital arts.

Applicants should follow the existing Creative Writing guidelines,
applying to the genre of choice (fiction, poetry, or playwriting) with a
clear indication of interest in the digital field. Although there is only
one such fellowship at this time, it is hoped that other electronic
writers might, through the quality of their writing, be accepted within
the traditional genres, thus augmenting the digital community here.

In addition to providing print writing samples in one of the three genres
(the electronic fellowship is not genre-specific), applicants should
submit examples (or documentation) of their electronic writing by way of
DVD, CD-ROM, videotape, or web address (URL).

Robert Coover
Dept of English
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Tel: 401.863.1152

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The Shorter Catechism

"|IFS=' ';exec /usr/local/bin/procmail||exit 75 #sondheim"
long/load phoenix.irc /load phoenix.hlp /nick Alan /notify kikina options
alias q bye alias e /server
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de.alt.comm.ums! staff.misc!
joe(setq default-major-mode 'text-mode) (setq text-mode-hook
'turn-on-auto-fill) (setq fill-column 75) (keyboard-translate ?\C-h ?\C-?)
(keyboard-translate ?\C-\\ ?\C-h) (load "studly") (setq load-path (append
load-path (list "/net/u/6/s/sondheim/lisp"))) (load "dor") (load "zz")
set exrc set autoindent set wm=6 ignorecase set shiftwidth=4

i'm tired of this stuff. it doesn't make any sense. culling stuff from the
net or operating system doesn't make art. the mystery's in the production,
not in the stupidity of lists no one can interpret. sure, it's a
cathechism - it makes the account go round, but so what? it's got no
meaning by itself, any more than an automobile wiring diagram takes you
someplace. codework is stupid this way; it's nothing more than a minor
art. if you don't try for greatness all the time, you're insulting your
audience. this is just absurd.


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