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November 19, 2002

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:49:59 -0800 (PST)
From: WWF Conservation Action Network <>
Subject: Great Chance to Control Toxic Chemicals SEND EMAIL~a4877u30516t0~

Action deadline:  January 1, 2003

Dear Alan,

Don't miss an unprecedented opportunity to push for new laws that would phase out hazardous chemicals across Europe, and have implications for toxic chemical management around the globe.  Strong European action would raise the global standard and serve as a worldwide model for better control of these dangerous contaminants.

Existing laws fall far short of protecting people and the environment from the toxic chemicals that are all around us, even in in everyday consumer items such as cleaning and hair care products, perfumes, and food cans.  Scientists have already found more than 300 man-made chemicals in people.  Wildlife around the world are also contaminated, even in remote locations.  For example, beluga whales, Canadian ringed seals, Faroe Island pilot whales, and other marine mammals carry in their bodies chemicals that are used as flame retardants in furniture and electronic equipment.

The European Commission--the policy-making body of the European Union--is in the midst of drafting laws to identify and phase out certain industrial chemicals.  But industry is lobbying hard to weaken the draft provisions.

Please follow the simple steps below to urge the president of the European Commission to propose laws that include stringent requirements to test for chemicals and that encourage industry to make safer, greener products--not products containing hazardous chemicals that accumulate in us, our children, and future generations.  Please forward this alert to your friends and colleagues.

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Romano Prodi
European Commission
200 Rue de la Loi, B-1049
Brussels, Belgium

Dear President Prodi:

I congratulate the European Commission on its intention to improve the regulation of chemicals in Europe.  These reforms could have extremely positive global implications.  Citizens around the world are looking to Europe to lead the international community toward robust chemicals management policies.

I am particularly concerned about the continued use of chemicals that accumulate in people and wildlife.  I urge you to ensure that the new proposals include a complete phase-out of chemicals that build up in our bodies (so-called "very persistent and very bioaccumulative chemicals"), so that our children, and their children, can live in a world free from contamination.


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i write always with textual prey, subject matter; i write what is essen-
tial to me, that is, of the nature of the being or fit of the world -
outside of this i'm weak, comatose, tongue-tied - within it i am dictated
- i live sometimes in the house of unix - i want to know where i am -
what's happening there - it's a home i share with others -

these commands which are single-valued, monotonic - descriptors of the
landscape/langue-scape -

w / who / whoami - the speakers, self, community, active agents -
ls - what's here, what's in my vicinity -
pwd - what's right here, where am i -
date - at this time
netstat - what's distance, what's happening out there -
top - what's closer, what's happening in here -
df / du - the size of the place -
yes - primordial process -
cd - going home
exit - leaving it

then the place - the moment and inhabitation of the place - others near
and far - when the world explodes, they'll be all that remains - they'll
have gone to - electricity out - dead wires, not enough batteries - dead
satellites - burned-out fiber-optic - you'll see - for a moment -


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