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December 7, 2002


L*A*N*G*U*A*G*E 1979
"i was so stupid when i was young
my writing was incoherent
i was striking out in all directions
i didn't know whether i was coming and going
and when i look back on those early texts
i'm almost embarrassed to see what i was doing
i keep thinking now
that my writing has some kind of strength
that comes only from a maturity that appeared
so late that it's almost over-ripe"

file ]ale anatomical characteristic
[ writing... ]t sexual selection acting on
wide variations, as in
list...... characteristic women
well-nourished women
no apparent physiological reason--than those

and salves and bombs take make you you. please to dying of intention and
ointments and salves and bombs take make you you. please to dying eyes
inscribe - asphalt and salves bombs take make you. you. please to dying
eyes and chains -::i have no intention of dying to please you. make take
bombs bombs take make you. you.




is every poem and you should write and scream it until blood comes out
your mouth has no other use
your eyes have no other use than testament
use them

there is no other reason to be alive than to confront
the fat other of rimbaud sitting in washington
burning flesh i can't write something so stupid as this
but they will come into the night and take us away
keep copies spread them don't wait a single second
this is stupid stupid stupid

anti-war poems are useless
write them until your mouth is full
your mouth is amazing, Marguerite
your mouth is amazing
Trace projects


i don't know where anything goes anymore

my so-called life

[INFO] Channel view for ``#cosmos'' opened.
-->| YOU have joined #cosmos
nikuko wounded in the fray of earthmind
nikuko lonely in the debris of starfield
nikuko wayward among the nebulae and virtual-particles
nikuko contrary with no speaking no hearing no touch
=-= nikuko has changed the topic to ``sadness of empty cosmos''
nikuko floating in the midst of startdust triangulations
=-= nikuko has changed the topic to ``farther than handing-feeting reach''
nikuko thinking the poem of burning thinking planets
<nikuko> i will be at that star at that time beyond my living life
=-= nikuko has changed the topic to ``floating waiting nikuko''
=-= nikuko has changed the topic to ``floating waiting nikuko''


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