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December 8, 2002

hey tom -

new images in
azure-ectoplasm or the remains of wayward slaughter
perfection of ts'ao
can't seem to get beyond a sadness gripping me constantly. almost 60 and
nothing to show for it. the death of america all around us. you can almost
see the horizon lowered to the ground -
people coming over tonight for a belated chanukah - should be nice - i
think of candles huddling in the dark - rising to the temperature to stay
alive. it's as if the future is speaking to me, writing it all out, word
for word at the moment -
someday i'll have a real job and stability and we'll both have healthcare
and the world will be at peace -
in another country and another life -
reading dropping ashes on the buddha, 'zen master seung sahn' - gift from
eugene - quite recommend it -
ellen and i will translate again this afternoon - back to the 1000 char.
essay - it staves off the breathless dark -
if we'd known, would we have wanted to be born -
azure says hello - we miss you - the boys and girls of the flying saucer -
everyone -

- love, alan, say hi to everyone in brussels -

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