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December 9, 2002

368/1000 | heaven earth black yellow :: is black, the cosmos are vast a
desolate wasteland sun fills moon sets in west it's dusk from 7 to 9
morning constellations line up measure word, they spread out cold comes
heat goes autumn harvesting winter hiding, concealing intercalary timing
leftover residue becomes one tenth measurement of years so lu bamboo
pitches shift position open clouds ascend, galloping, sending rain dew
forms becoming frost gold gives birth beautiful water jade emanates Kun
mountain summit double-edged dagger furiously named huge gate-tower pearl
called light darkness treasure fruit plum apple many vegetables mustard
ginger sea salted rivers fresh fishscales hidden depths feathers circling
above fire dragon emperor teaching phoenix royal official men beginning
making writing characters then uniforms, wearing robes < clothing skirts
expel throne yield country yao tang has predicted console people strike
down guilty hold boundary talk and test with scalding trying case at court
query way bequeath bow doubting sections love raise hosts leaders minister
prostrate army barbarians near far reality ration guest returning cries
white colt grazes there change covers grass weeds (vegetation) trust
attain myriad (10,000) directions (square) covering person issues (giving
to) four great five (is) normal respect (connector / alone) rearing
children (!) flattering destroys injures women adore chastity unyielding
imitate pleasing genius know what passes certainty attainment ability
never neglect deception other brief disintegration reliance on self
(self-reliance) long faith cause should be covered (protect your faith)
tool (utensil) desire trouble (quantity) measure-word ink (of) sorrow,
sadness (on silk) printed (sadness stains poetry praise small (lamb) sheep
(sheep) view, scenery lines tied or lined-up wisdom restraint, conquering
study makes (creates) sage benevolence built name stands origin shape
proper (upright) model sky valley proclaim (one's) fame empty chamber hall
(public room) learn (review lessons) carefully disaster (catastrophe)
depends (is caused by) accumulation evil blessings (fortune) (are virtuous
happiness 1/3 meter (scale, ruler) bi-jade (circular disk hole) negative
(un- )  1/30 (measurement, small) yin (shadow, moon, sexual organs,
feminine, secret) (just so) (to be) emulated (compete with) capital father
(parallels) (business) affairs supreme ruler speak strictly (accurately)
give filial piety serves as (accepts) end power (the others) devotion
follows (rules) life face (meet, confront) deep tread (put shoes) lightly
dawn (early morning) prosper warm (and pure) like (an) orchid(s) this
fragrance (a) pine(s) prospers (the) river flows not (un) stopping
(ceaselessly) (abyss) clear (transparent) take (create) reflection contain
(form) (and) stop if (one is) thinking say diction (classical rhetoric)
(with) quiet, peaceful determination deliberate beginnings sincerity,
fidelity beautiful, beauty prudent all good ancient laws honorable trade
place) foundation rolls greatly nothing (in the) outstanding ascend (to)
(service) addition work obey government survive by means wild pear go
increase chant music particularly precious humble rites well valuable low
harmony below harmonious husband chants (calls upon) wife external
(foreign) accept pass instructions enter internal) (play music) mother
appearance (ceremony) father's sister older brother younger same as) child
compared son (child) think very much \ each elder agreeing (as) mind
(ch'i, spirit) linking (joining) branches make friends join divide cut
polish precepts rules [...] public rectification fit dwell leisure ch'in
4-stringed instrument wonderful question problem gate



the university spews knowledge, books, seminars, papers, email lists, web-
pages, periodicals, journals, conversations, theories, hypotheses, data-
banks, computer programs, operating systems; here are the professors, the
undergraduates, the adjuncts, the graduate students, the secretaries, the
support staff; here is the speaking and the writing, telephoning and radio
talk shows, television productions and theatrical or dance performances,
paintings and sculptures of all types, mechanical and electronic artworks
with moving parts and sensors and lights and online connections, hybrid
plants and animals, engineering marvels of new alloys and plastics and
architectural wonders, groundbreaking legal decisions and opinions, novels
and stories, poetry and epic works of enunciation, new forms of surgery
and medication, streamlining of production methods and global economic
efficiencies, sport contests which are one for the record book, evidence
from archaeology of new civilizations and cultures, standardizations of
theoretical evidence in the physical sciences, abstruse mathematical
proofs of inconceivable dimensions and typologies, veterinarian break-
throughs, sociological analyses of inner city phenomena and their rectifi-
cations, rotc military marches and maneuvers of totally new types never
before practiced, musical expertise previously unheard-of, computation of
pi to 1.25 trillion places breaking all previous records, the development
of the three-minute mile, complete comprehension of consciousness and
imagination through cognitive psychology, the mapping of polar shifts in
planetary magnetic fields through sensitive magnetometer studies, new
theories and probings into parapsychological phenomena and god in western
and other civilizations, the political economy of slash-and-burn tribal
organizations, transliteration-translations of proto-sumerian and other
early forms of writing, depth analysis of deep-sea black smoker interiors,
untold and brilliant new effects in digital video and film transfers,
re-enactments of massive theatrical experiences at the basis of modern
egalitarian and totalitarian movements, biographies of presidents and
kings, complete gender analyses and differentiations in historiographical
research, slavery and plantation studies of the united states and other
colonial or neo-colonial powers, periphyton research grounding wetlands
issues in a number of sub-tropical states and territories, demographics of
polypores and similar world-wide species, articulations of expert system
and artificially intelligent robotic arms, composition of virtual parti-
cles within the external dimensions of string theory and dark matter
phenomenologies, the relationship of the ding-an-sich to the feminine,
ultimate psychoanalytics of fantasy, stressed structures of monolayer
membranes, propagation of quantum computing applied to previously unsolved
mathematical conundra, superb sideline cheerleading acrobatics and extrav-
aganzas;  here are the tall red-brick or cantilevered glass-and-gray
buildings and vistas, the grounds and athletic fields, the dormitories and
greek letter houses, the cafeterias and student centers and bookstores,
the computer labs and biology and physics labs, the libraries and class-
rooms, the swimming-pools and parking-lots, the copy-centers.


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