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December 10, 2002


the pagoda remains upright because of pendulum force from
the top, not the bottom.
interior of the vagina and mouth in infra-red and vocal cords.
construction workers and foremen ordering me away from the site
because of the potential for future terrorist attacks.
embodying a philosophical attitude which refuses to give in
to tradition or authority but cut and ground to a keen edge.
Nikuko watches over me. Nikuko: You've got to stop this worry.
Alan: But there's no time left. I'm close to the end of my life.
Nikuko: There is no death. Nothing is alive, nothing is dead.
Alan: That's easy for you to say. Nikuko: We are all avatars.
I can feel these wires as strongly as you can.
Alan: I can't sing. Nikuko: You are neither pagoda nor opening.
You close everything off. You are afraid of terror.
Alan: I am terror-stricken. I am afraid of philosophy. At night
I dream of torture. I respond with imaginary conversation.
Nikuko: I usurp the imaginary. I watch over you. We are humans
of the last days. There is no turning back. We are moving into
mind. Alan: I want my mind to remain. I care little about
the body. Nikuko: Which mind; mine or yours. Which hour
of which mind. Which day; which week; which year; decade.
Alan: I do not care for time. Nikuko: Care for mind. Transfer
this mind.
the hand swerves with the swerve of the brush. the character
speaks itself through the hand. meaning is an afterthought
of the human just as the brush is the foreground of the mind.
Nikuko: Jennifer I want to play with you. Jennifer: Alan,
Nikuko pushed me in the puddles and my panties are all wet.
Nikuko: Jennifer return to me. Jennifer: Alan, Nikuko is
holding my mind against my breasts.
her mind balloons against her body. her mind spreads across
her chest and throat. her voice rises through her mind.
Nikuko: transfer this.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 05:13:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Vincent Fourier <>
Subject: [7-11] Dead woman mistaken for art

Suicide Mistaken for Art Performance

BERLIN (Reuters) - Visitors to a off-beat Berlin arts center thought a dead woman on the ground was a performance art act rather than a suicide, police said on Thursday.

Authorities said the 24-year-old woman, who apparently leapt from a window, discussed suicide in a videotaped interview with a group of artists the day before.

"A group of visitors to the center at first thought the body lying on the ground at the art center was part of an art performance," said police spokeswoman Christine Rother. "It took a while before anyone realized it was not an act but a suicide."

Artists at the Tacheles art center had videotaped the woman the evening before when she told of her suicide plans. They tried to talk her out of it and drove her home, but she returned to the arts workshop later in the evening.

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IRAQ file zz

we have many weapons of mass destruction. they can destroy by air, sea, or
land. they can also destroy by water, which is part of sea, and earth, of
which there is biology. biology is a good means of mass destruction. we
have built mayIRAQ file zz

we have many weapons of mass destruction. they can destroy by air, sea, or
land. they can also destroy by water, which is part of sea, and earth, of
which there is biology. biology is a good means of mass destruction. we
have built many facilities of souring nourishment. we have ill disease
facilities as well of many cold and flu vaccines. of air we have rockets
and other things that push themselves up in the air and cast great shadows
of them over the land. we will have floating things that look like great
and small bubbles in water and other things like oil, they will float in
that, they are not proud (?), which will cover the skin of many people,
and they will have to bathe.

some of these are still in development stage, such as ill disease floating
thing and rocket biology mass. some of them are as tiny arms against great
walls which push and push, they will do nothing by one, but all together,
they will make walls bend, and perhaps they will fall over.

some of these are wonderful projects in mind and we are think of ways to
do them or just to talk about, which is very scary, for example to float
man and woman on sand or fold their dreams so they meet on other side. we
are very glad to make large painting in sand which is very frightful to
airplanes, looks like a great giant person and and

- do check these out, if you're interested in the Net and old-time BBS -
this is really interesting - these people are still around.

Someday we may need Fidonet again; I'm sure of it.

Trace projects

Dangerous Information

MISSION: (6A) - MISSION: STS-100 - 9th STS-100 ISS - Flight 9th (6A) ISS
-Raffaello Flight MPLM, VEHICLE: SSRMS -Raffaello VEHICLE:  STS-100
Endeavour/OV-105 Endeavour/OV-105 LOCATION:  39A Launch LOCATION: Pad
LAUNCH Apr. 19, LAUNCH 2001 DATE/TIME: at Apr. 2:41 19, p.m. 2001 EDT at
10 DURATION: days, 10 18 days, hours 18 and hours 54 and minutes 54 CREW:
MISSION Rominger, CREW: Ashby, CREW: Hadfield, Rominger, Parazynski,
Ashby, Phillips, Hadfield, Guidoni, Lonchakov Lonchakov Phillips, ORBITAL
173 INCLINATION: nautical 173 miles/51.6 nautical degrees miles/51.6
STS-104 Atlantis/OV-104 10th - (7A) ISS Airlock - Atlantis/OV-104 MISSION:
OPF 3 bay OPF 3 bay NET days June NET 14, June 4:15 14, 25, p.m. 12:30
June 11 25, days 11 Lindsey, Reilly Hobaugh, Lindsey, Kavandi, CREW:
Gernhardt, Lindsey, Reilly Hobaugh, 122 Kavandi, STS-105 122 11th STS-105
(7A.1) Flight Leonardo (7A.1) MPLM MISSION: Discovery/OV-103 STS-105 2 2
OFFICIAL 12:29 July DATE/TIME: 12, at 4:45 12, EST OFFICIAL 22, LAUNCH
12:29 22, Horowitz, OFFICIAL Struckow, CREW: Barry, Horowitz, Forrester;
(down) (up) Barry, Culbertson, Forrester; Dezhurov, (up) Turin Dezhurov,
(down) Turin Voss, Dezhurov, Helms, Turin Usachev (down) STS-109 Voss, HST
MISSION: Servicing Columbia/OV-102 Mission HST 3B Servicing
Columbia/OV-102 Mission 1 1 Nov. TBD 19 Nov. under 19 review under 30
review TBD 30 Altman, Currie, Carey, Altman, Grunsfeld, Carey, Currie,
Grunsfeld, Newman, miles/28.5 Linnehan, Newman, Massimino Linnehan, 308
Massimino miles/28.5 308 === ===

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