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December 14, 2002

denser under valium, dance under furious illness, thinned vulva, swollen
uvula, slow dance with dense stroke of growths, valium uvula "did you have
to get her stoned" "no, she went with it, swollen uvula of green-white
interiors modified to d a slight reddish-brown" ... no inscription but
sruti-sound, body-tamboura, she says before the camera rolls, "you're
always inside me" - then (svengali) - the turning away - you might say her
face against her wide-open mouth, then deep reddish-brown (a tendency) in
her full-body dance in dark (reddish-brown, black) clothing, for a few
seconds; you also see (after the first turn-away of the face), the shadow
of torii outlined against the green-white sky) -:d a slight reddish-
brown inscribed across the lips; the labia are green-white against green-
white; everything but the sound is in the process of disappearing-inscrib-
ing; you can run the variations simultaneously, building sound on sound,
chant on chant, the murmuring of the increased world drawn in to the
body's cavities -:dense under valium, dented gnawed maw of mind, svengali:
"you finished the film. what's going on with the film?" "she's lying back,
you see her" just for a moment, her breasts with white nipples. vaginal-
mouth keyed throughout. at the end of the two minute forty second work,
she appears against her wide-opened mouth. sound comes out everywhere.
that is the key, folded red tongue, inserted uvula. she dances outdoors on
a roof in a doorway wearing black clothing with her hands towards the
white sky as the camera pans past her towards three small steps covered
with snow as the image freezes and the piece comes to an end. the medical
green-white of the infrared is d a slight reddish-brown: no, she went with
it; it's all right with her; it's an 2'4"
cdrom/dv carter/sondheim ::



there was the thickness of codes and protocols, tube-forms, in shallow
basin with cables strewn across the floor - i was trying to make sense of
this - almost like ruins, far too much knowledge needed - i didn't have it
- i'm too sick to use the digital recorder - i don't remember anything -
but i'm sure this is something, somewhere, that right now is functioning -
i'm awake now, i can't find it - it's not in the ceiling - not beneath the
floorboards. i can't get close to the walls.  somewhere everywhere there
are cables - the fever stops me going on about this - there were a number
of people - inside and outside the system - need to write down the empty
map - inconceivable - i spent hours on this - hallucinations - Svengali -
"they say they're real" -

there's always a war on - knock on the door at midnight - we're gone
before morning - things happen in night's uncanny portion - the cables for
sure - the journey's just begun - we'll be there - no escape -


The Best Writer

I want to be the best writer in the world. I want to be the best writer in
any language so if someone sees my writing they will surely say, this must
be translated into my native language, I have never seen writing so good
as this writing is. I want my writing to be the most meaningful, so the
smallest society in the most out-of-the-way place will say, this writing
must be translated into our language and distributed among our people and
our animals and plants because there is no writing as deep and meaningful
as this writing is. Because I am the best writer in the world, my writing
will be preserved in all media, birch-bark and book, etched steel and
internet, and there will be a museum of my writing for all media, it will
show how the best writing can be preserved and you will be able to see
many different kinds of media. I want to be paid for my best writing, by
the letter and not the word or piece, and I want people to say, my writing
is a new language by itself, and we must have studies in this new language
and everyone will benefit more than they have benefited from any other
writing which is all old writing and will be old writing for all time
after this new writing. I want my writing to end all war and bad feelings,
because with this new writing, there will be no reason to fight, because
everyone will be reading and talking about this new writing, which is a
writing of good feelings and how there are good feelings and why. I will
spend the rest of my life writing this good writing and working on this
new language and you may make movies and novels and epics from this new
writing and you may read this new writing publicly and privately, and you
may make songs and operas from this new writing and new language which I
am working on so hard for you.


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