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December 22, 2002


Nikuko, this came to me.
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k24% pico zz at the Assi
Jennifer, to work at culture requires both physical and mental labor.
Nikuko, the distance gets closer as labor disappears.
Jennifer, even thought is physical labor.
Nikuko, then mental labor
Jennifer, occurs elsewhere, always elsewhere, something
Nikuko, we might ascribe to the other
Jennifer, or our internal states
Nikuko, out of touch,
Jennifer, out of mind


   UW PICO(tm) 4.4                    File: zz

                                  [ New file ]
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Take it as far as you can; frenzy awakens it.
Suck sex for the enumeration of organs.
Exhaustion eliminates the adverb like the open wound it is.
Leave the gap, there's smoke.
Where there's fire, words suffocate the mouth.
The cloth loincloth falls to pieces.
Bite God at a distance.
Honestly is the last refuge of talking forever.
If you cut out their tongs, you balk at the righteous.
Truth is a running woman.
Sit at the foot of a refugee's house.
When you seek sex, you seek geometry.
The absence of culture is always refused.
Crawl through the dung which is always renewable.
The decision against suicide brings proof to the mountain.
The valley knives the body.
Etiquette conforms paranoia.
Politeness is the best cleanser.
Etiquette is a mingling of other bodies.
Bodies guarantee.
Images guarantee the demises of damaged life.
Revel in the quantity of organisms available.
Illness increases; hatred supports it.
Bring others down with the other.
Do not do with one foot after death.
After birth is the shortest distance between two points.
The alpha and omega court the eternal.
What is never considered is the consternation of the author.
Theory is invaded by the completion of time.
Representation is the origin of negation.
The triangulation of spirit is the reception of the shadow of women.
The first invention of man is the same.
Opposition is the barrier of language.
The circuit of the slogan is a metaphor.
Nothing dissolves in the presence of speech.
Not the shadow of a doubt coheres to transcendence.


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