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December 29, 2002

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no crickets

boughs bend to
night-shot spirit

sony haiku:
adjust the lens!

lightless light -
everything in this cold world
needs batteries

the big test
of zero-lux weather

winter wind
ecstatic steadi-shot -
what trembling!

oh breathe deeply -
autofocus and spirit -
both unforgiving


The unravelling

I yourself. am I Nikuko.  am Please, Nikuko. describe Please, yourself.
describe in down the in middle the of middle tiny of machines, tiny
crawled machines, down crawled furrow the bark, the brass bark, spring
brass tendrils spring into channels leaf into stomata, leaf following
stomata, my following channels my through forest woods through and woods
forest and You seems. have You your have mind your on mind it machines,
seems. it minding all machines minding tending machines leaf-curling,
tending all leaf-curling, autumn cam color autumn exchange color cam and
tendrils, branch, alignment tendrils, twig of branch, and shadowy all
crown, shadowy invisible machines think You too think much too about much
machines. about among present fern among weed, and present machines every
among leaf, every up-welling leaf, roots up-welling trunks, and membranes
cams, membranes, among turning the cams, of bending springs springs of Is
relax? this Is how this you how relax? you machine of brass, and lathings,
cam i lathings, follow i furrows the bark of cell, and penetrate cell,
leaves, all twigs, leaves, branches, twigs, woods, all forests, machines
small and should You try should taking try off mind swelling saps, pulling
and leaves among saps, and ground-swell airings, waters ground-swell
fungi, and bacterial fungi, airings, bacterial sending roots upwards
sending springs, of cams of Are pervert? a you neurotic a pervert? Why

I am Nikuko.  Please, describe yourself.

in the middle of tiny machines, crawled down
the furrow of the bark, brass spring tendrils
into leaf stomata, following my channels
through woods and forest

You have your mind on machines, it seems.

minding machines tending leaf-curling, all
autumn color exchange through spring and cam
tendrils, alignment of twig and branch,
all shadowy crown, the machines invisible

You think too much about machines.

among fern and weed, the machines present
among every leaf, up-welling roots and trunks,
membranes among membranes, the turning of cams,
bending of springs

Is this how you relax?

of machine and brass, cam lathings, i follow
among the furrows of bark and cell, penetrate
all leaves, twigs, branches, among all woods,
forests, cams, and small machines

You should try taking your mind off of machines.

swelling and pulling among leaves and saps,
ground-swell waters and fungi, bacterial airings,
roots sending upwards through small machines,
machines of springs, machines of cams and brass

Are you a neurotic pervert?


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