The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 31, 2002

the fires are starting - we can't make it back to the mainland - they're
not taking our money or credit here - friends feed friends - we're all
going to die soon anyway - in the distance the ruins produce black clouds
- they're turning - they're coming across - we'd need two whole bridges -
we'd have to cross the island - that isn't possible - we'd die - there are
too many hotspots - this is a message - one of the last - you're coming
across - you're coming across it - from the empty world - we're cornered
here - everything poisonous - from the future to the past - from nowhere
to anywhere - we won't be able to hear from you - there's no need to say
anything - write anything - you might think of us - radio's gone - too
much static - no tv - nothing like that - same thing with the cellphones -
burned-out aerials - the water's already turning - the world's curled
with pollution - furious particles - we'll make up stories for a while -
we'll leave our names on the walls - you'll be the walls -

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