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January 5, 2003

evil, a falsehood

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it's only in the symbolic that truth is found; it's only in the symbolic
that negation occurs. negation is a core trope in intelligence; what
differentiates, differentiates only by virtue of the potential for
veering, turning away.

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the symbolic is the repository of evil, the punishment of banishing, the
pale; the evil other is such by virtue of the symbol, primordial communi-
cation. humans exist naturally enough within the worlding of mediation and
representation; the evil symbolic both extends hegemony and creates
conditions for the implementation of violence at a distance.

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there are no neutral objects. objecting is within the categorical; both
are bound within the sememe. the sememe originates physical action beyond
instinct, the reflex arc, the autonomic nervous system; it is responsible
for violence's delight.

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all languaging is a seduction and a death; syntax itself filters and
denies. to work within language may also be to fight against it, expose
it. everything humans perceive is part and a parcel of language.

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spoken and written language are low-bandwidth, full of poverty and
anxiety, full of exposure. within the limitations of a tongue, equivalence
is foregrounded. everything distanced by propriety, properly placed within
the dialect. art breaks its languaging; commerce restores it; violence is
its product.

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the name, its trace.

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the memory, its trace of name, languaging. the memory which reconstructs,
recuperates the symbolic by virtue of the symbolic. the memory which rises
to fury, to self-annihilation, to the annihilation of the other. the
commerce of memory.

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