The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 6, 2003


he's in turning the in room the but room the but room turns he's |
turning nothing nothing keeps keeps up up with with either either of of
them them rotation quickly moves at quickly twice at the twice human human
speed the windows moving have stars moving and stars furious and dark
furious objects dark |
objects the turned towards towards the away |
his face falls bones fall he in as moaning walls the disappear room
moaning he blue light background green light the green room infrared
ultra-violet ultra-violet moving dusk infrared sky and shuddering he
generates furious move different everywhere and each unique is |
different the unique dark movement dark generate |
they they normal |
creation worlds creation neuroses worlds lesions in propriety of culture |
rushing him rushing can't he's think moving when that that fast fast can't

he's in turning the room but turns | nothing keeps up with either of them
rotation quickly moves at twice human speed windows moving have stars and
furious dark objects turned towards away his face falls bones fall he as
moaning walls disappear blue light background green infrared ultra-violet
dusk sky shuddering generates move different everywhere each unique is
movement generate they normal creation worlds neuroses lesions propriety
culture rushing him can't think when that fast

he's turning in the room but the room turns |
nothing keeps up with either of them |
the rotation moves quickly at twice the human speed |
the rotation moves at room speed |
the windows have moving stars and furious dark objects |
he's turned towards the windows and turned away |
his face falls away |
his bones fall away |
furious he moves as the walls disappear in the moaning of the room |
the moaning of the room |
the dark blue background the light green of the room |
infrared and the ultra-violet of the moving dark dusk sky |
he's shuddering as he generates the furious dark objects |
the furious dark objects move everywhere each is different and unique |
the furious movement of the dark objects generate his movement |
they generate the turning of the room |
they generate his turning at twice the normal speed |
creation of worlds and neuroses |
creation of lesions in the propriety of culture |
rushing towards him rushing away |
he can't think when he's moving that furious and fast |


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