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January 7, 2003

typology of inscription, guns and others

/[s]+/ print "aimed his gun in my direction"  /[v]+/ "born and later 1967"
/[y]+/ "but ghosts come always back furious" /[g]+/ "coward, fearful of
any" /[k]+/ "father a healthier fashion, even the" /[z]+/ "from 1994 i
buried selves selves" /[n]+/ "genre. why didn't other people tell" /[0]+/
"i'm tired this" /[d]+/ "impetus against the wall writing from which i"
/[a]+/ "insanity everywhere this world, among friends and" /[x]+/ "into
every other" /[q]+/ "lake firefight was going" /[m]+/ "me what doing, i'd
have been able" /[b]+/ "nonfictionally. i've seen far too much" /[c]+/
"now escape through others creatively" /[p]+/ "on above cliffs or over"
/[u]+/ "or sometime lost my" /^$/ "others. alan, she said, stop it."
/[w]+/ "picture. 1943 was" /[j]+/ "rest family placing me in" /[i]+/ "the
darkness hurtling" /[o]+/ "them. know better about" /[l]+/ "to work out
relations with /[e]+/ "unbearable. sexuality became /[f]+/ "violence
tension is" /[t]+/ "virginity just about time soldier" /[r]+/ "when we
were floating over " /[h]+/ "world. still live there; i'm a" /[0]+/ /[0]/
print print "i'm "i'm tired tired of of this" this"  /[z]+/ 1994 "from my
1994 selves i in buried selves" my selves /[z]+/ in selves" print /[y]+/
"but "but always ghosts back come and always furious" back and /[y]+/
furious"  /[x]+/ "into this this and every other" other"  /[w]+/ "picture.
in 1943 i was"  /[v]+/ "born and later in 1967"  /[u]+/ /[u]+/ "or "or
sometime sometime lost lost my" my" /[t]+/ "virginity "virginity the just
time about a the soldier" time a /[t]+/ soldier"  /[s]+/ print "aimed gun
his in gun my direction" /[s]+/ /[r]+/ "when "when floating we over were
the floating " over "  /[q]+/ print "lake the firefight going" was going"
/[q]+/ /[p]+/ print "on the above cliffs cliffs over" or over" /[p]+/
/[o]+/ print "them. didn't didn't better know about" better about" /[o]+/
/[n]+/ print "genre. didn't why other other tell" people tell" /[n]+/
/[m]+/ i "me i'd what have doing, i'd /[m]+/ have been print able" "me
/[l]+/ "to "to the work relations out with relations with /[l]+/ /[k]+/
"father "father healthier healthier the" fashion, even /[k]+/ the"
/[j]+/ "rest "rest family family in" placing me /[j]+/ in"  /[i]+/ "the
darkness darkness of hurtling"  /[h]+/ "world. "world. live still i'm live
a" there;  i'm /[h]+/ a"  /[g]+/ /[g]+/ "coward, "coward, fearful fearful
any" any" /[f]+/ "violence and tension is" is"  /[e]+/ "unbearable.
sexuality sexuality became became a /[d]+/ the "impetus writing against
from wall i" writing /[d]+/ from which print i" "impetus /[c]+/ "now
escape escape through through others others creatively" creatively"
/[b]+/ print "nonfictionally. seen i've far seen too far much" too much"
/[b]+/ /[a]+/ everywhere "insanity world, everywhere among world, among
/[a]+/ friends and" print /^$/ print "others. she alan, said, she stop
said, it." stop it."


the meander and collapse

      6 May  3 Peter Howard        (3842) Re: [webartery] queries
peter, what is equivalent is mindless, as death is spawn, tidal bloom.
+     7 May 22 Kagi (sm)           (2487) Thanks for your payment *
kagi, cloning transforms with the environment into negations and
disparities. what one fears is submerge, not into the maternal, but into
the substance of the gulag or tattooed holocaust.
+ A   8 May 28 Jim Andrews         (2087) Morpheus
jim, there is no source in equivalence. without source, negation may just
as well continue with the same.
+     9 Jun  3   (1956) LabX Pro Registration
labx, think of the mass-man and massification of the 1950s. think of the
inconceivable, a landscape without eyes, without point-of-view.
     10 Jun 16 To: Cyb <cybermind  (5170) from today's Guardian (fwd)
alan, it's that last that tends towards identity. viewpoint confounds
identity; already a doubling is split by space-time or instantiation.
+ A  11 Jul 11 Kevin Magee         (7533) Bastille Day
kevin, identity remains ideal life. it is from identity that the false
identification of freedom originates.
+ A  12 Jul 23 Simon Byrnand       (3011) Re: [CC] help again as usual!
simon, one or another is always bound by death; there is no equivalence in
death, only in its memory.
     13 Oct 26 To: webartery@onel  (1425) WRYTING-L
alan, the name is always a disruption; the tombstone or memoir disrupt
equivalence, an absolute universe of non-disposition.
+    14 Nov 22 SAM JONES           (1228) Hello Again!
sam, the evil of language is thus the establishment, within identity, of
ethos and discrimination. the two common senses of the latter shade into
each other; to discriminate is to judge; to judge is to decree; to decree
is to choose; to choose is to punish.
     15 Jan 18 Wolfram Research    (1778) Wolfram Research Product
stephen, it is in the comfort of mindlessness, beyond substance, that the
myth and fixture of the death drive is located. mind and mindfulness,
deployment of the self, cultivation of the other.
+    16 Jan 22 Cambridge Computer  (1403) vxHpc Registration
cambridge, thankfulness is in recognition, of the comfort, as well, of
names and words. humanity is characterized by the ability to do evil; thus
it is characterized by the ability to create and deploy it, as well.
+ A  17 Jan 23 Michael Rush        (2448) thanks
michael, what follows, never follows, in its equivalence. equivalence
collapses both space and time.


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