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Pirke Emote I

1 This has been passed down, generation to generation. What I am saying
has been already said. What is already said, I am saying.

And what I say, will be said, by others in observance. And what I am not
saying, no one will say in observance.

In observance, one turns within the matrix of harmony. The matrix of
harmony tunes mind to mind, that we may agree to speak to one another in
peace and protocol.

2 What is protocol? It is the listening and attending. To be attentive is
to be silent, to be gracious, to listen with the full mind. When one
listens with the full mind, enlightenment approaches.

To speak and listen with the full mind is to be attentive to others. To be
attentive to others, is to be attentive to oneself. If one is attentive,
one is in grace. If one is in grace, enlightenment approaches.

To listen with the mind of oneself, is not to listen. To listen with the
mind of others, is to be attentive. To be attentive is to reach in and
across, to reach with the grace of the world into the grace of the mind.
Only then will the mind see, the eye think. Only then does enlightenment

3 To listen and speak, destruction of the protocols. To live in the
spectrum, is to destroy the protocols. To live is to breathe; to breathe
is to live in autonomy. The protocols exist in layer upon layer; what do
the protocols have to do with the approach of enlightenment?

You can not remove the suffering by speech; you can remove the suffering
by attending. To heal is to listen; to listen is not to act. When one
shares the protocols, one is graced. One can never enlighten another.
There are no masters. There are no gurus. Approach no one on bended knee,
with obsequity. Not to bow is to bow. Not obsequity is humility.

4 One to the other is humility. The other to the one is humility. All
movement is a standing-still. There is no fulcrum. If I am not for you,
who then? Make a hedge around yourself; make a gate within the hedge.

Know this, all things exist without things. A name given is a thing made.
A thing made is a thing destroyed. Enlightenment approaches in the grace
without. What is without, speaks within. What is within, is attentive.

5 The other travels to visit the other. My place is always at a distance.
To perceive clearly is to understand that home is always absent. To be
absent is to arrive. The present is always a leaving. To be present is
recognize the protocols. The fullness of the world is transparent. The
world is transparent. The disappearance of all things is presence. The
grace of the other is its disappearance.

6 Do not listen overmuch to the talk of men.

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