The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

A.S. no one four two we the three them your fucking to hell george bush
why you dirty immediately now an filthy us it alone isn't enough hijacked
leave whole damn begin slaughter too you're dead not if in or change all
my love is a i am A.H. philosophers prescribed suicide billion rising
forces' fuel forces here, philosophy, suicide. nothing philosophy without
it's always. even question; we're suicides. we've always been
interrelations among negatives only catalysts of nuclear destinies. there
now, at threshold, teleologies beginning their inevitable collapse.
violence; everything is. fate to. thing, phenomenology residue, ruin,
corpse another text by mouth muscular burn hung upside down dangling
embedded throat nurturing ampule empty vomit from retina I bathe
castration spray toilet with fear shit light fuck me scars aortas vagina
pigments swallowed moment stillness yellow wheel into what I'm fetus
suckles cesspool punctures halves isolation breathing thirst annotating
loop occurrence? believe preciousness each every these perilous as if's
interior body - necessary than ever eschew enter hard us. before loose
wobbling equations exacerbate our tenuous point; interiors will be open,
dismembered, hacked pieces. when this torture others, against love. loved.
loving elm typhoon. being open-hearted kindness. open-hearted. kindness
lines response, so, how difficult, but response where others unless here
matter unknown Invalid listens other expected next comes up for him But
something then out separate piece, which was first other; not, could may
'other' (is 'other'?) here?  Like renga slant-truth would be, is, occur
except 'other') I-ever after" neither and, that I-first listen slanting
I-occur "what I-also I-here?  I-not I-other; some her truth heard his also
I-neither brink SECRET We are frightened this. anti-piece. effectual.
there's knock on door midnight gone end feelings, . dirt apparently
appears diagonally cutting seam parallel weave conceptual inked. linked.

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