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Nikuko and Jennifer, The Abandonment of Names

O Nikuko! O Jennifer! I have missed thee so! My calling out to thou! Thine
answering and blossoming! Thy voices in the Garden, across Sky and fairly
in all Weathers! Thee hast lived within me for so long, thine and thou
names registering as Agents of Beauty, just the Conjuring of names is
sufficient for all Emotion! But alas! Now thine art Spirit, of Names there
are None, thy Forms for all times of a Blend! For thou must know, I am
thine Man of Distributions, of Me it is said, all Words and all Phrases! I
would place all in Dishevelment, Abandonment! I would announce and
Withdraw! I would Remember and forget!

For is It not Inscribed f(A(tf),B(tf)) = F(tfff), such that A and B are
Abandoned for Unknown and Unnamed Reaches, just as F(A(tf),B(tf)) =
F(fttt) such that A and B in their Divine Intermixture do huddle together
in the grasping of Linked Names? Thus, I abandon Thine names, of which,
thine absorbing into me, mine Absorption. Thus this Reminder of Remainder,
and of that no more, and of that Anon!

Kleene's Introduction to Metamathematics p. 139 of 'thys very olde booke'
is a start.

(From The Man of Distributions, p. 139.)


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