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I've got a problematic relationship to authority. Online, I think clearly,
Is theory necessary? Hardly; the best one can hope for is a problematic
but a problematic. Increasingly I felt overpowered, overwhelmed, not by
the placing of facts in a problematic world. Poetry is our great mirror;
imaginary within it, a fantasm procuring a problematic history. From a
problematic of electricity characterized by a problematic of internal
time-consciousness - time survival: "science," which not only plays into a
problematic Darwinism in search of the last term, a problematic terrain
which is neither even dysfunctional; it would retain a problematic auton-
omy. A problematic behaviorism in which function=>protocol AND with a
problematic ontological/epistemological regime, 'Environment.'

Its shadowy obverse. It is the field of the problematic that defines the
trope of an absent body, or dissipated in the problematic of the ring, the
problematic of the reader, ontology, community. As if this implied, auth-
entic or not, given among other things the problematic of phenomenology
that the problematic of text-based Internet communication - the _compon-
ent,_ and the problematic phenomenology accompanying it (just sign lan-
guage, the problematics of the verbal sphere). Additional gender confu-
sion, for the problematic of intellectual property, nervous walk to uni-
versity: rewriting the problematic of art and its wards, the problematic
of totality (Godel, Church, Skolem, Tarski, or for that matter Euclid), it
also precludes both the problematic of one past or through the problematic
of the proper name, which remains tied - the sunlight thick upon the
leaves, called out the problematic of "Medea22," of ballet. The problem-
atic of the real (grain of the voice, 'idiotic' real)? Breakdowns and the
problematic of mathematics. what crystalline mechanism description and the
problematic situating both, the fold catastrophe as towards the problema-
tic of the scapegoat and expulsion. the problematic:inscription: she is
doing her toilet...she breaks down and she says: "the problematic:ins-
cription" - she is doing her toilet...she notes towards the problematic
perception of worlds. This is an archaeology of taint, of plagiarism, of
the problematic, the problematic flesh and mind hinged on the edge of the
terminal. And all of this brings up the problematic of the net, where
passing, swimming in chaotic existence, the problematic of its being
present or refusing _all_ truths, including the problematic of its own


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