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January 17, 2003

Homage Chomage

I am Isador Ducase, better known as Comte, and I am here to tell you I
will die at the age of 31 since I am from Monte-video in Ecuador, let me
tell you. I have crimes and misdimeanors and have yet to suffer the full
consequences but I will starve in the futur here in Paris, let me tell you
why, you cannot see me emploied for any particular purpose, I have been
many-sickness and the like and am chaste from the doors of the rich.  My
long ally to the entrance of my hovel is dark and there are many
hiding-places for you know whom. It is good you call me 'Comte' because
that is my name. M. Ducase, do you think you are as good as everyone else?
No I do not think that, I know it is not tru, I am just not that good. M.
Ducase, do you think you deserv to live? No, I do not think that, I do not
deserv to live or anything like that. M. Ducase, thank you very much, I
must say I wil get back to you, you should dres warmer in this wether. I
will try dress warmer. M. Ducase, are you paniky. Yes, I am alwais paniky,
I think I wil starve to deth and
Thank you M. Ducase. Thank you.


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