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January 19, 2003

Leftist Caught Red-Handed in Bad Pun

	Sarah Williamson was arrested last night for spamming a number of
email lists with a 'bad pun,' Yorkshire Heights police reported last
night.  'The complaints were overwhelming,' John Stockton, chief, said.
'We had to do something.'

	The pun went as follows: "'It takes a village to raise a child.'
- Hillary Clinton. 'It takes an idiot to raze a village.' - George Bush."

	Arraignment Tuesday at the Courthouse. Visitors welcome. (AP)



"Nonetheless, even though it is possible to recognize the death instinct
as a new guise for a basic and constant sine qua non of Freudian thought,
it must be emphasized that its introduction does embody a new conceptual
departure: the death instinct makes the destructive tendency, as revealed
for example in sado-masochism, into an irreducible datum; it is further-
more the chosen expression of the most fundamental principle or psychical
functioning; and lastly, in so far as it is 'the essence of the instinct-
ual', it binds every wish, whether aggressive or sexual, to the wish for
death." (Laplanche and Pontalis, The Language of Psychoanalysis, p. 103.)

look, o jerusalem - city of peace then war - going back to the days my
youth everything - bathed in a golden light - nearby ascending staircase
stone - and up between buildings the place of instrument makers - lying
words - crossroads worlds - among inscriptions belied by ideologies -
let's get out of here, i hear this all time - instruments moving fast -
dancing everywhere - blood eerie stairs - endless chattering writing -
carrying bombs weaponry don't remember - is what you've done we've you -
everything's dying around here there's not much i'm sure end of world
hand - you're at fault it's your fault. -

but hey did this happen to you - where everything is absorbed - the black
hole of the world - too much god - radiation escapes -


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