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January 24, 2003



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For BC, of Electric

Things stick, split like static electricity. My hair's blown off my body
for motors, electric relays, turned carbon and sufficient electricity for
a central server. There's no reason why the electric motor harnessed
magnetic lines of flux, rotation. Switches going down as "rolling shutdown
of electricity" collapse the top of which the machine was in level three
saving mode and so electricity for what purposes? For the moment of
electrical energy. Looking, the light is always fading, I'd like to run
away from electricity, there's not much that uses electricity.

For the edges of the holes, exteriors of the wires like static electrical
out, and while electrical current has occasionally flickered in big storms
the electric-transformer odor that indicates the fury of distant fires
comes dry, joy in each and every sign, and enough electricity - surely -
to last the growth of world-wide shack cultures.

The strategies, and_electric media_ (loudspeaker, telephone, telegraph),
because stress-related faults sever conduits, breaking connections. So I'm
staying in this house now. And next door the electricity is off and elec-
tricity flicking in black shore void house void black ice and void black
wind black rain; I leave before electric howling knives ferment. You love
lightning in the sky. The phone interrupts the voice; "Jennifer" turns
into electric crackle, someone responds. Phone interrupts the voice, maya
stepping over the electric heater, taking another left, pwd takes me to a
turning to the right, stepping over the electric heater, to the television
in the electrical century. Film has disappeared; chips have become part of
a whisper of a darkened cinema when the imagination connects, electricity,
magnetism, or X-rays.

Electrical drops; - what drops, splatters - one might say, almost zero
words wired to electrical wonders not yet evidenced on the way from where
electrical technology is in full swing, and where, in the roar of electri-
cal-technological machinery, the enframing electric heater (two out of
three bars on) to my right, newly-repaired moisture in the genkan. There
is a three-bar electric heater in here as electrical electronic device.
Not always well. Anyway, think of his use of battery power because the
storms are coming again and there's electric The house is without elect-
ricity, gas, water and sewer; apparently "electric current" - I will be
that "electric current."

Nothing but electricity coming in, filling the box with noise.

(The electric fluttered like her thick heart beneath her ribs and heavy
beating come forth from the walls, hardened electricity, ready to burst.
As the air filled with ozone, electric sparks arced from its sockets, a
power skein of poor shielding. The early electric was _rotary,_ conserving
forces, electricity is a mode of motion of the molecules of matter.
'Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, motion, are all qualitatively
different; the 'electric' of 1900 was not the 'electric' of 1930, nor that
of 1999. On the other hand the power inherent in objects - St. Elmo's
Fire, the electrical energy spewing from mind - heavy electric motors,
AC-DC, power-mind. Losing my mind to power: a form of connectivity (think
of electric); relation is defined across it - the breaking of a link
(think of electric); the thing breaks into two.

Report: We must see to it that every factory and every electric power
station - a dense network of electric power stations - don't exist. It's
as if we're pure electric, ghosts in real life, electric, ghosts in real
life. It's as if we're on the wrong end of language...

Use electricity nowadays, said Nikuko, and the mountains disappear. The
light is always fading, I'd like to run away from electricity - the lure;
you can see almost all of me now, installed to play with.

It was a century of burgeoning electrical, then electronic, communications
themselves under yet another attack, that of electrical-electronic media,
by compressed air, the compressor running on electricity, plugged into the
socket, and the electric wire going from the compressor to the socket.

Electric/electronic - an inversion in which (for me) their rewriting, on a
continuous basis, the history of the electrical world even sound-matter, -
not excluding caloric, electric matter, &c. Throughout the century, mech-
anism gives way to electricity, is a lie. I am electric and there are none
here within me.

Electric body: mesh of contacts: bridgings, spark-gaps, tesla coils,
Electric body: mesh of contacts: bridgings, spark-gaps, tesla coils,
Electric body: mesh of contacts: bridgings, spark-gaps, tesla coils,
earth electric enemies entire everyone. everywhere, Fiery flash, flew for
electrical fury and death. brain electrical activity for control.
Electricity's and and gangs gangs take everyone over. Take everyone over.
Becomes everyone psychotic, becomes Electricity's psychotic, down caught
money short supply, electricity's down and the gangs take over. Everyone
becomes have gone to - electricity out - dead wires, not enough batteries
- dead however, the outdated electric motor, preferring instead to utilize
electricity characterized by internal scape; there were flights of
fantasy, envisioning other electric calms and absence of the `granularity'
of the real and face-to-face or electrically - electricity from a battery
works really well.

There is tension in approach. I see her throat, pale and beautiful in this
electric light, everywhere, internal focus of sparked energy, electric
carry the limited warmth pouring out from the electric heater, filaments.
I run the wire over the wire, producing electricity for my house. The
story of the electricity. The federals know but we vote for them. The
electricity, but we managed. You can see the smoke marks. There are
electric conundrums - a lie or mockery, an occasion - applying the body or
network of flesh - that one which awaits in the midst of the electric
network, the hunger of the distended matrix - the electric net, electronic
net - loss, aphanisis, skull or doctrine of the body electric - the edges
of the holes, exteriors of the wires like static electricity My skin falls
from my bones. I am an electric galaxy...


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