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January 30, 2003

yesterday's mail: Bush

Subject: Re: Bush Library >Subject: Re: Breaking News: Bush Library
>Subject: Breaking News: Bush Library > > >current politics are beneath
anyone and anything; Bush isn't smart enough President Bush tried to sell
Americans on a war with Iraq by President Bush proposed $1.2 billion U.S.
President George W. Bush has braced Americans and the rest of the world of
the top domestic issues that President Bush is expected to address in his
   Man, Bush could have used this technique to spread a little friendly
   And don't be surprised in 2004 if you see a Bush campaign ad brag
     Bush stays firm on Iraq, sells tax cut uncritically follow US
President Bush in his 'global war on terror'? Does The Bush Song > The
Bush Song Subject: [webartery] Bush Poem Because someone thinks it was,
the Bush poem I forwarded was not written by me.


the snow

all two crystals are alike. this is a substance which absorbs boundaries
with useless delineations. its purpose lies in disappearance.

jennifer makes snow angels just as angels make jennifer.

it occupies and beseeches without asking. response is required but it
requires no response.

the inuit have one word for snow. there is one snow.

this is the snow.


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