The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

recent work, experimental television center.

alan and azure bat balloons and you know your arm tires, why, jennifer?

because i do think that you must stop your arm all by itself because the
balloon offers no resistance but the air itself.

and the air, jennifer, how does that work?

it works all the time and just see how the balloon slows.


his tiny little penis whips around with male abandon. her breasts and hair
fly against the balloon always struggling against the tiny air.


alan and azure walk across the frozen pond. thump thump thump.

why alan, says jennifer, i like the look of the sound of the footprints in
all the exciting snow.

thank you says azure, i was walking just to his right and watching the
microphone. it was most fun and look at the graph of the tilting picture.


azure plays with her balloon which moves against time mapping into space
along with the body of azure.

oh this is fun, says jennifer, i see you.


jennifer asks, why does the balloon change shape, why?

because it's mapping against time mapping into space., says azure, i
already told you that.


alan makes noises and waves his hands. jennifer says, look at the pretty
patterns, why, jennifer.

because, says azure, all sounds are things.

alan waves his microphones and the sounds make things.

alan and jennifer and azure hear nothing because sound things are silent.

alan yells and yells and colors come out of his mouth.

loud blue! says jennifer.


foofwa dances on a space capsule lozenge in stars across his eyes leaking
into a room he's leaving tracks, he's turning against time, he hates time
into space. why, says jennifer, why.

because people can't live forever, says azure.


he leaves traces of himself everywhere, says jennifer.


they all play the organ very fast.


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