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the accessory of the stylus - forgetting my name - already my face is
beginning to disappear - fading into the background - becoming one with
something inauthentic - some fantasy - the great untruth - the murmur
prevails - sing me to eternal sleep - the lullaby - this or that stylus -
it doesn't make any difference - i'll put this one down - look for another
- :i return with the scalpel - the knife - every gesture cleaves - i can
still see and still hear - it won't get any better than this - it will get
worse - submerged pains - earth or ground - i return as long as i can - as
long as i can remember - as long as i remember my enemy, language - ::i
return here to incise once again a skin enveloping what i know as mind -
sinking into the prevalence of the symptom as i grow older - the bonds
begin to loosen - the mind sails, floats - the body tears away - draws
attention to itself through the remaining tethers - it's there that the
pain occurs, increases - breakdown of connection - one can't keep up with
the other - one becomes another - the other - internalized - cutting
through the skin - one of the cuts will kill me - most likely sooner than
later - it's that kind of life - :none:none:none

your cavern none across my place


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