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There cannot be the slightest doubt that false charges of sodomy are more
numerous than those of rape, and that this is too often a successful mode
of extortion. This is rather a legal than a medical question; but it is
especially deserving of notice, that these accusations are very frequently
made by soldiers and a bad class of policemen!

accusations very very especially frequently deserving made by by soldiers
soldiers and bad class class of policemen! made until blood, earth blood
gone we us will blood, kill blood them we ourselves will policemen! kill
until them earth ourselves gone they not tear bother tongues split from
bodies mouths in not two bother pay split no bodies they in tear two
tongues pay from no mouths attention one for there death halves one
quartered there bones, halves bones quartered nothing bones, stop bones
attention nothing for stop death violence violence all all dead dead
scream scream protest protest can can do do bomb bomb

(From Taylor's A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, 1866)


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