The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

adjust one itself

the moment i tuck my clothes in, there are disturbances across its
surface, don't one continually adjust itself?

or like when an itch, someone else's scratching getting rid of it. or a
tickle, one can't do that to oneself.

body holds itself together as plastic sphere, they know when a disturbance
arise, when Other appears, disappears. some say it all depends. i say it
is very controversial.

body is very complex. you put a hat on and it fits not so right, you know
how that feeling is bad for you. it's not even the site for you, it's just
my bad feeling.

body always huddles and collapses into this sphere, you don't want
anything bothering it, i bend my head and feet into it when it is very
snowy, you are warming it.

what a thing i take for granted, i mean i don't think about you when it
happens, then it happens that i tuck it in, all of it, and then you are
very fine and it is a nice day. or you can go and do what you want.


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