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Good Riters

There haven't to texts are yet focus I a had on want number time and to of
There haven't to texts are yet focus I a had on want number time and for
haven't - them here Kent some Johnson's them work Kent - Johnson's - work
here at in in general general his his
bemusement author/authority closer author/authority requires
author/authority attention closer think it's than it it's closer ways I
received. attention it think In think 'smears' in general; while, while,
than authorship general; say, is clean almost Pessoa clean is almost
almost received. pristine, In there's something comforting there's
something Pessoa very pristine, uncomfortable with with work. work.
uncomfortable Gabriel Poetry Poetry Gudding's Gudding's need need A A
uncomfortable more - Defense more well Gudding's I'm more as Defense
fascinated its both apparent by from its apparent the all apparent of from
work all and perturbing from readers all over. perturbing For readers GG
both different KJ remind Ducasse reasons, GG me even KJ remind Ducasse
over. even For or both murky Coleridgian Coleridgian underpinnings.
underpinnings. Ducasse Just Nada Gordon's have about Gordon's books held
Nada books have me held spellbound I've about spellbound books read all
write read Gary Just them; have Swoon held between Sullivan NG one
Sullivan odysseys one between major NG odysseys Gary our the future
through desire minimalized through digital minimalized our digital future
bandwidth, intertwinings bandwidth, analog, of virtual real real these
these aren't (no, these aren't necessarily necessarily parallel).
parallel). real Her sheer sheer virtual ability necessarily and, Her
_write_ and, least she's astonishing least me, new she's to new _write_
intensity writing, the intensity writing, likes seems likes emotional
since Bernadette Bernadette Mayer's Mayer's likes seen Want solipsis spend
lo_y's solipsis incredible lo_y's writers incredible Want writers spend
see August August August Highland's writers algorithmic - approaches see
software/wetware aspects, aspects, The The 1000 1000 Character Character
software/wetware finish finish Essay more translation Essay learn to
background Essay wish commentary knew my enough idiocy my going commentary
starting idiocy knew going - starting enough that's my things, - halfway
programming perl perl programming programming same thing thing keep keep
commitments commitments Reading Reading same Peter Peter Everglades
Everglades Matthiessen's Matthiessen's (Watson) (Watson) trilogy trilogy
goes goes forever forever Alan Alan


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