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February 20, 2003


we're speaking for the moment - online and offline conversations - analy-
ses - manifestos - signs, marches, puppetry - it goes on and on - they're
silent on the other side - use the royal 'we' - they include us - we're
being led to the slaughter - we're taking the world with us - we'll use
weapons of mass destruction - tactical nuclear against the bunkers - 10 to
15 percent of our weaponry gone astray - our own military reports expecta-
tions of over 3000 civilian casualties - in the name of liberation - blair
too - the whole lot of them - cold warriors - compulsive-obsessives -
madmen - another futile protest here -:they're getting stronger by the
moment - our performances are just that - select audiences of hundreds of
millions - they can't do anything - we're speaking into our own skin -
already the fear's upon us - they're nameless - they hide behind acronyms
- they lie, they fabricate evidence - tapes - bin laden's muddy voice -
we're supposed to believe all of this - we're under the gun here - we're
under warning - we're a declared state of emergency - :resistance is
futile - useless - we're bringing out blocks of writing - reams of it - to
no avail - the only measure that carries weight - violence, armed
resistance - i'm not up to that - we're unused to the brutality of our own
government - help's got to come from elsewhere - stunning revelation -
bush cancels 2004 elections - declares state of emergency - he's already
backed by the army - we're allowed to speak - our voices give out - the
strongest among us will be taken away - you've got to help us - you've
seen it all before - :: there aren't any miracles - stock market's falling
- construction's down -

A legs and homes
A legs and homes


Anti-Saddam exiles snubbed in plan for military rule
Sydney Morning Herald - 20 minutes ago
The Bush Administration, planning for postwar Iraq, has turned its back on
its former proteges in the exiled opposition in favour of a United
States-run military government.
Saddam's Samson option Asia Times Online

Please tell our country to go to hell.


madness of organs

the madness of organs. the organist takes care of things. the organist
watches the keyboard. she watches her hands on the keyboard. she takes
care of higher keys and lower keys. her hands move apart and return in
fugue. the organist is in fugue state. he commands the air we breathe. he
siphons the air. the air is siphoned by the organist. his passion is
controlled by the process of pressing a key. the key is pressed and held.
holding the key down, the organist controls a column of air. he commands
the reeds of metal and bodies of wood. she is obsessed over a beautiful
boy. her hair streams in the wind. she plays the organ naked. her breasts
thrust forward with the stroke of keys. the boy is wounded in flanders
field. the boy is dying. he is obsessed with her. he thinks he is ugly and
disfigured. he plays madly. he is in a state of fugue.

i am that organist in a state of fugue. i am surrounded by beautiful girls
and boys. i am utterly mad in my columns of air. i command the atmosphere.
i command the world of metal and wood. the organ towers above me. the
organ is a great loudness in the world. the organ broadcasts my obsession
and passion. the organ is a great tower unto mankind.

my long hair falls on the keys. my thick blond hair falls on the keys. my
thick black hair falls on the keys. the beautiful boy will come and hear
my playing and take me in his arms.


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