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we're speaking for the moment - online and offline conversations - analy-
ses - manifestos - signs, marches, puppetry - it goes on and on - they're
silent on the other side - use the royal 'we' - they include us - we're
being led to the slaughter - we're taking the world with us - we'll use
weapons of mass destruction - tactical nuclear against the bunkers - 10 to
15 percent of our weaponry gone astray - our own military reports expecta-
tions of over 3000 civilian casualties - in the name of liberation - blair
too - the whole lot of them - cold warriors - compulsive-obsessives -
madmen - another futile protest here -:they're getting stronger by the
moment - our performances are just that - select audiences of hundreds of
millions - they can't do anything - we're speaking into our own skin -
already the fear's upon us - they're nameless - they hide behind acronyms
- they lie, they fabricate evidence - tapes - bin laden's muddy voice -
we're supposed to believe all of this - we're under the gun here - we're
under warning - we're a declared state of emergency - :resistance is
futile - useless - we're bringing out blocks of writing - reams of it - to
no avail - the only measure that carries weight - violence, armed
resistance - i'm not up to that - we're unused to the brutality of our own
government - help's got to come from elsewhere - stunning revelation -
bush cancels 2004 elections - declares state of emergency - he's already
backed by the army - we're allowed to speak - our voices give out - the
strongest among us will be taken away - you've got to help us - you've
seen it all before - :: there aren't any miracles - stock market's falling
- construction's down -

A legs and homes
A legs and homes


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