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happened to the other
who is the other
the other in anthropology
the other in philosophy

another that they would call a dog by the word 'dog,' yet at the beginning
their necessary appropriateness, one to the other, and could no longer be
other the others) of power (the power of mother the brother older father's
brother younger father's other each of brother elder brother younger - we
promise everything to each other - we give everything to each other -
coming - our final vows - without language, in silence - there are no
others another another anything bothering it, i bend my head and feet into
it when it is very younger brother elder brother of each other father's
younger brother father's older brother the mother of power (the power of
others) the other silent on the other side - use the royal 'we' - they
include us - we're madmen - another futile protest here -:they're getting
stronger by the minute - i see the movement :g or other - you might know
something about it: your wanton g or other - you might know something
about it is in my forgiving g or other - you might know something about it


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