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Yipes, the
it's back,
a Azure,
dim Dang
day hang
here, in
what's there!

the Yipes!
subject Yipes,
for it's
today, a
can't dim
hardly day

focus here,
on what's
what the
you're subject
saying, for
hear can't
you, hardly
going on
on, what
have you're
any saying,

money, can't
this hear
one's you,
broke, going
Grief!, on,
you have
always money,
tell, this
I'm one's
begging going
I broke,
tell Grief!,
it!, tell,
Gads, I'm
to I
live, tell

Wow, you,
these begging
are for
dark it!,

times, Gads,
better have
make to
that live,

TIMES, these
goner, times,
U2? better
Will, make
don't that
forget DARK

leave I'm
me a
everything goner,
in U2?

your. Will,
Sarah, don't
say forget
hello to
Mom me
& everything

Boys your.
back, hello
Azure, to
Dang Mom
hang &
there! Boys


Yipes, Yipes!
it's Yipes,

a it's
dim a
day dim
here, day

what's here,
the what's
subject the
for subject
today, for
can't today,
hardly can't
focus hardly
on focus

what on
you're what
saying, you're
hear can't
you, hear
going what's
on, going
have on,

any have
money, any
this money,
one's this
broke, going
Grief!, broke,
you Grief!,

always can't
tell, always
I'm tell,
begging I'm
I begging
tell I
it!, for
Gads, it!,

to have
live, to
Wow, live,
these Wow,
are these
dark are
times, dark
better times,
make better
that make
DARK that
goner, a
U2? goner,

Will, U2?

don't Will,
forget don't
leave to
me leave
everything me
in everything
your. in
Sarah, your.
say Sarah,
hello say
Mom to
& Mom

Boys the
back, the
Azure, back,
Dang Azure,
hang Dang
there! in


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