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You, Dance Before the War!

Me, the sun encloses the dance-runner with my unemployment friend of the

I am a child before the worlds. I have an umbrell or a parasol. I am the
City of Trieste! a sad person. She is my copulating coquette.

Before the war or after? I have needs. I have an other need, says Rimbaud.
Run! Run! And don't return! It's me!

Alas, then, the war! Tomorrow, we die. To be or not to be has the agony,
that is the question! We die, an English idiot or the cretins. The
soldiers march to battle, to knock-out! I am the tree of the worl! Alas,
unemployment! Alas, then, to work the wounded! I have my three little
points. I think. I am a rock, couch me down tonight? Pardon, I am

Tomorrow, we sacrifice our life for the dance! Two morrows, we assist at
the last blow! Tomorrow, to assassinate. I am a potato of the moon...
Alas then! Come with me, kleptomaniac! We are our knees. To the arms! To
the arms!

We are the gift of God to the earth. We sacrifice ourselves! Where are the
snows of last year? I am the others. I am Dreyfus. My friend, it's Foofwa
d'imobilite, he to dance-runner the beautiful war. Me? I exist. But he is
a terrible child!

Today, we think by the side of the river Susquehanna. Very beautiful! It
snows. The Pax Romana. But I hear the carillons of War. I am a realis. I
do not believe nothing. The sun is too haut, to hut, for animal or
vegetable life. Plankton... The plasma... Sun!

I live by the moon! IN the moon! I see all the worls! Screen!


You, Dance Before the You, War!

Dance Me, the sun with encloses my dance-runner friend with of my the
unemployment Me, friend the of sun immobilized!

I an am umbrell a or child a before parasol. worlds. am have I an am
umbrell a or child parasol. the City a Trieste! person. sad is person. my
She copulating is coquette. copulating of coquette. Trieste!

war have after? other needs. Rimbaud. other or need, after? says I
Rimbaud.  have Run!  And Run! don't And return! don't It's return! me!

It's Alas, be then, or war! to Tomorrow, be we has die. the To agony, be
Alas, not the to war! has we agony, To that die, question! idiot We or
die, the English The idiot that cretins. question!

The We soldiers I march am battle, tree knock-out! the tree march worl! to
unemployment! work work have wounded! three three then, little to points.
rock, think. me rock, I couch am me points. down I tonight? think. Pardon,
I desolated!

sacrifice dance! our Two life morrows, for we dance! at Two Tomorrow,
morrows, we assist our at life last I blow! am assassinate. of potato last
moon...  to Alas We then! are Come our me, To kleptomaniac! the are To
knees. then! arms! me, gift sacrifice God Where earth. We ourselves! gift

Where of snows others. year? Dreyfus. others. Foofwa Dreyfus. last My
year? friend, I it's am Foofwa the d'imobilite, beautiful he war.
beautiful But war. he Me? is exist. he But to terrible child!

Today, side think the by river side Very river Today, Susquehanna. we Very
think beautiful! by It the snows. carillons Pax War. Romana. I hear
realis. carillons snows. War. Pax realis. hear do is believe haut,
nothing. to too or haut, do hut, believe animal The vegetable life.
Plankton... vegetable plasma... Plankton... Sun! The live moon! moon! all
IN the see live all by worls! moon! Screen! IN


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