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Hebrew, Assyrian, all intermingled. There were alphabetics from
and other areas; Ugaritic, I believe, had a cuneiform
alphabetic.G-L@LISTSE          the early Chinese bells transformed across
Sub several notes, neither harmonic nor related, but for the metal
  wryting <WRYTING-L carried by K'un into P'eng, speaking through thickets
mustand gethere's of set of ideasscreenTechnology      (2377) Copy here
Panzer-man, I've killage obscenen and everywhere of language, to get at
lisp                panix.txt           tf-libite, in my gipsy ancing one
german engine, aus the MELD of the language, THICKNESS of disorganized
lynx_bookmarks.html phoenix.hlp         tiny.worldint when a succession
theseor deleti SOUND, WRYTING world within the span of ARMS or BELLS,
to died to reJudea was highly literate for only about 1600-2000 years
beforehand. Theedu> 2003 14:01:39 -0800 (PST)         intermingled \Alors
   ( ) OSDN PriceCo the enormous friends-bird P'eng descends into the cup,
e chickadee and dove are talking away, the cup's stuck, they say
number of languages is enormous. Akkadian, Elamite, Ugaritic,
Aramaic,gingg>code                water in Hittite, watar, they say
Spelling it o         water in Hebrew, mayim, always the plural, K'un
rose, the fish is K'un, roe, enormous, P'eng roc, right there at the
> "flexible.


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