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Concept/Choreography: Foofwa d'Imobilite
Dancerunners: Franziska Koller, Anja Schmidt, Foofwa d'Imobilite

>> I have been constructing sound and text for this work; I have also
constructed two videotapes, danl - about the construct of order from
space-time, and anja - about Lacanian ecstatic states, and Jean d'Arc.
Further, I have constructed a series of 95 still images. In addition, I
have constructed a number of pieces using the 1878 Beatty pump organ, and
the 1987 Mirage Ensoniq. I have also performed on the organ for a video
constructed by Foofwa for part of the initial section of the piece.  In
addition, I have constructed a short series of videos of Anja and Foofwa
for a new piece to be constructed with the Blender 3d program. The text I
have constructed is initially in French; I constructed a further English
translation, replete with errors paralleling the fecundity of the French.
Foofwa has constructed a videotape of my reading of the French text, as
well as the second variant of the French text, which I constructed from a
computer program I constructed from a program constructed by Florian
Cramer. In the organ performance for Foofwa, the camera was focused on the
pumping feet, placing the constructed piece under the aegis of labor. If
music is a construct, I am that construct. If one can speak of a piece of
music, one speaks only of an instantiation of the institutionalization of
a segment of sound lost in the world. If one constructs a piece based and
biased on the losing of the world, one begins the construct of a poetic
based on mourning and labor. If labor is the beginning of the loss of the
world, mourning is the end. If the word gains in the reification of labor,
ululation is its loss and the mourning of that loss. If we can no longer
speak of 'french' as an active, but must employ 'freedom,' then France is
called Freedom. If my work is silent with the fullness of the mouths and
interiority of dance, it speaks with the emptiness of speech and the
exteriority of dance. If it is silent, if it speaks at all. If it speaks,
if it is silent at all.


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