The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 8, 2003

invisible war

warm exhausted, frightened, battered from the slaughter... i crawl towards
her, i'm forward, do lovely war benefiting latin anti-war president saying
tony snowy, you are warming it, too - the whole lot of them cold warriors
compulsive-obsessives under warning - we're a declared state emergency
:resistance is thrust with stroke keys. boy wounded in flanders holding
onward this great beast penurious, shim gentle wound, before or after,
have needs. an other need, says travis. alas, then, war, tomorrow. we die,
not to be massacre, immobilized, he wounding beautiful me, exist. but it's
that die, question. idiot year? friend, terrible, child. listens all radio
television, she knows what about, don't know. so ask her brave easy making
"television, war." thrown off balance, formal energy tending military
action. it .write room. sink swim.


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