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^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB erases all that is available.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB absolute.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB creates all that is available.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB is all that is available.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB is station station.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB is factor factor.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB speaking.^[[om
^<^[[omalansond^>^[[om MOAB absolute.^[[om
now listen to me. if we don't remove Saddam, who will? I'm tired
of the complaining. If you don't want to be here and support us,
you can always leave. There's not enough said about the other
side on these lists. It's time we took a stand. This is the best
country on earth with the most freedom. We have to protect it.
We have to strike at anyone who would take us out. Look what
happened a year and a half ago when we let our guard down. That
was the liberals' fault. They believe everyone loves us. We know
better than that. A country prepared is a country that survives.



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