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March 15, 2003


are it.
too -
the -
lot -
them whole
- -
of under -

state we're
emergency declared
:resistance of

die. war!

needs. have
other other

agony, die.
idiot, that
year? beautiful
exist. he
terrible he
listens what
radio time
television, he
knows and
about -

thrown military
tending all
military energy

frightened, towards
slaughter... battered
forward, saying
lovely i'm
you warriors
warming snowy,

warning emergency
we're under-
declared -

tomorrow. alas,
shaking towards
time at
opening this

asking, wayward


waiting against the wall, i crawled out from under sun;
his gun betrayed a single eye cocked in my direction.
it followed me. i walked still. i could never run
in the midst of constant insurrection. in such will,
war is made. the tracers followed me upon the sea; we
were all betrayed. the worlds' erasers turned the mill,
crushing bodies hurled and burned for liberty; we drank
the whole night through. our bodies stank. our rank
betrayed us. underground, the metals clawed, churned
up without a sound, ready to crank the war's spurned
death in the mound of spacers. bones broke, eyes sank
breathless in the muck of screams. life at the seams
couldn't give a fuck. with luck we came home lame.

- j.r.

kaddish of the words

mourning three yahrzeit, ago, this kaddish, forgetting years mourner's not
shami any mother to wanting yiskadal more shami forget mother vyiskaddash
hungry evil, be olam, but to this alive, evil, world, olam, tangible
world, shattered us unblessed so leaving debris behind, shattered much,
buildings to new again slaughters in evolutions york, iraq, and again off
with baruch on adonai side, god and our heavy-tredding, moab atah marduk,
elohainu, the her eye, passing, first eye, mourning blinded hair, last
eye, of kiss, hair, touch everyone, leaving open, shattering leaving
breaking one mourning look how daven can no before present, deen, year,
sadness crying, the inaudible, this listening, avi, longer longer avi, the
bonjour of in debris, mourning, baghdad dawn baghdad another the shifting,
ascend evolutions, sifting, would and, irak

mourning yahrzeit, this forgetting yahrzeit, the forgetting mourner's, the
kaddish, mourner's three kaddish, years three ago, years mourning ago,
this not more wanting to any forget more yiskadal to vyiskaddash forget
shami yiskadal rabbah, vyiskaddash mother shami not rabbah, wanting mother
any hungry not be world, alive, this but tangible world, olam, tangible to
evil, be olam, but unblessed us leaving so us much behind, debris so
against much shattered debris, this against unblessed shattered world,
buildings and in evolutions new in york, iraq, slaughters off and to
evolutions war iraq, buildings off in war york, again slaughters with
side, god moab on and our marduk, side, heavy-tredding, moab baruch
marduk, adonai heavy-tredding, with baruch god atah on adonai our
elohainu, first her last first passing, last the passing, opened opened
mourning eye, her blinded kiss, kiss, hair, touch of blinded hair,
mourning for everyone, everyone, shattering shattering everyone, breaking
open, open, sefirot sefirot leaving how before one the can deen, look no
or one daven present, before mourning deen, how no one present, look
sadness this year, inaudible, crying, this inaudible, this she sadness
longer the listening, sadness seeing, eye, ani no avi, longer bonjour
mourning, baghdad baghdad mourning, dawn dawn bonjour another in debris,
the sand sifting, shifting, slaughters sifting, and evolutions, would
would the ascend sand rise arise arise laila boker olam laila rise olam
ascend, irak

mourning this yahrzeit, forgetting the mourner's kaddish, three years ago,
not wanting any more to forget yiskadal vyiskaddash shami rabbah, mother
hungry be alive, but world, tangible evil, olam, unblessed leaving us
behind, so much debris against shattered buildings in new york, slaughters
and evolutions iraq, off war again with god on our side, moab marduk,
heavy-tredding, baruch atah adonai elohainu, her first last passing,
opened eye, blinded kiss, touch of hair, for everyone, shattering breaking
open sefirot, how one can look or daven before deen, no present, sadness
year, crying, inaudible, she longer listening, seeing, ani avi, bonjour
baghdad mourning, dawn another debris, sand shifting, sifting, evolutions,
would ascend rise arise boker laila olam, irak


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