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missive here and there

/[z]+/ repetition just /[y]+/ this is protest /[x]+/ wartime opposition
/[w]+/ maximum resistance /[v]+/ communality of the warriors /[u]+/
fighting their way through peaceable kingdom /[t]+/ beneath signifiers
structural-materialism /[s]+/ the inherency truth understanding /[r]+/
burning flag in solemn colors /[q]+/ ministers presidents fiery effigies
/[p]+/ happening outside every other text /[o]+/ swords swallow pens
plough-shares /[n]+/ bullets swords /[m]+/ precision bombing removing
consonant /[l]+/ every letter with churned-out energy /[k]+/ furious
acceptable analysis /[j]+/ propositions ideological propositions /[i]+/
null sets jehovahs allahs /[h]+/ identity functions self-reflexivity
/[g]+/ headlines over hermeneutics /[f]+/ actions performativity /[e]+/
great men exhaust us /[d]+/ machinery prosthetics greatness /[c]+/
theoretical generative analyses /[b]+/ configurations proto-latinate
/[a]+/ continuity terminologies gun-face /^$/ repetitive theses on
originary violence 'where is nikuko' 'where's all the gang' 'what happened
to jennifer' 'julu where is she' 'nikuko's a human shield' 'the rest of
the gang is over there' 'the rest of the gang are human shields' 'they
won't allow me to write anything' 'they've put their lives on the line'
'they hate the allies so' 'they're expecting the worst' 'they're waiting
for the worst' 'they can't be bothered with me' 'they're braver than i am'
'they're over there in the middle of it' 'they can't understand why i'm
still here' 'they sent email' 'they're not writing any more' 'they're
still alive' 'they're still alive'


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