The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 29, 2003

rebus of silence

- mean i what know you mean, i what know you clear, and loud coming
signals the understand who there out those for - caught bodies
thought, bought of unworthy it's distance, a quite from language
haunt to want i dugs, suck tugs, try pugs, raise mugs, drink
rugs, clean lugs, turn bugs, swat hugs, or drugs with myself dull to
want i constantly, think i - break or disappear bodies when means
writing that iconceivable it's translations, ruined with emerging
muck the structures, drowning its with music to similar it's
prance, symbols the stance, adept an dance, from out language
leaking silence, of praise in days, other in and ways other in
speaking language, on war the is that language, from out moving


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