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March 31, 2003

Arm Amerika !!

A number of people here fully expect Bush and other National-Capitalists
to declare either a STATE OF EMERGENCY or MARTIAL LAW, come the 2004
elections. As far as I know this would be unprecedented in this country;
it would effectively forestall or cancel them! Bush's sense of absolute
rightness, use of force, and so-called Divine Guidance - coupled with a
devoted and private non-draft (professional) army, is almost a guarantee
of success. The religious Right - which has at times been suspicious of
Congress itself - would be pleased; it's hard to imagine a resistance from
a disarmed Left.

At the moment, the Courts are his; Congress is his. The Courts would agree
with martial law; Congress would be irrelevant. There are enough troops to
go around. Seize the Stock Exchange! The TV networks! Register everyone!
Export the Arabs! The Jews!

What to do? If this scenario occurs, Amerika will not be stopped, at least
for the foreseeable future. The only reason we are "bombing Baghdad back
to the stone age" is because of Congress and other limited resistance. And
who is to say we are not doing this? And who is to say that martial law
has not already been declared - is already underway?

It's surprising that this paranoid scenario is not being taken seriously
at this point; people whisper and wait. And for what? By the time the
"state of emergency" is evident, even to "ordinary citizens," resistance
would be futile! A fate or fact accomplished! A coop of state!

Consider the parallel with late Weimar - right-wing loyalists supporting
dubiously-elected leaders, deep collusion with the corporate and private
sectors, anti-semitisms, issues of lebensraum, marching columns, new
technologies of war and propaganda, technologies of censorship and con-
trol, faltering economies, absolutist leaders, nativist and fundamentalist
sympathies! The similarities are unnerving!

Should we begin to arm? To organize alternatives to a problematic Net?
(Fidonet, wireless networking, etc.?) To create disinformation campaigns?
To create the phalanx? The fifth column? The resistance? The escape-route
from the Camps? Sabotage? Wreckers? The Underground? The Underground
railroad? The assassination-squad? The death-squad?  Should we contact
other groups? World-wide? Which other groups? Should we import guns and
psychedelics? Export rhetoric? Testimony? Should we emigrate? Proclaim our

Or should we be led like sheep to the slaughter !!


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