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Blood:these roots are absented; everything is fetishized. Don't forget
a.txt:it expels itself from itself, taking its roots with it.
ah:_Gal-pum_                   Kalbum         (KLV, Heb. Ar. root _dog_)
ap:Root them from the root!
ap:metaphysics. These can go anywhere, routed in roots.
b.txt:That roots itself, and yet will give you wing.
bb:from existence in relation to roots which crumble at approach. From
book1:among sheaf and stem or root, among root and exfoliation.
book1:turbances, desires, the rootedness of symbolic thinking itself
book2:descendent from the root. Unix and DOS are similarly organized
book2:from the root, overhang the water.
cancer.txt:/dev/root / minix rw 0 0
cancer.txt:C:\roots C:\of C:\each C:\and C:\every C:\thing,
cancer.txt:the C:\root, C:\drive, C:\driven
cancer.txt:roots, and fruit." (Jesus, Slavonic version of Jewish War,
cc:its roots apparently go back for centuries b.c. --
dd:naming, holes and nubs alike, everything in the root of_ substance,_
dd:The relation to anxiety, which is also present, rootless, grounded in
ee:grass-roots; the former is top-down.
ee:woold bo to poss, monstrooto, shot o lottlo... I'd bo on control, my
f.txt:  from what roots it doths rise].
f.txt:  What root beneath it runs.
g.txt:for it, baby, root for it.
g.txt:deserted root iii
g.txt:roots iv, envelope of the star
g.txt::this is the _ending of roots._
jk:Return mail to the sysadmin, root, gaoler, postmaster,
jm:for physical roots.
jt:-From root@claraFri May 23 18:29:26 1997
jt:-From: root <root@clara>
jv:  {b:142} descent to the root
jv:  {b:143} cd root
jv:  {b:145} ascent up the root
ka:With roots of trees and stone,
kd:bin:            root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:daemon:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:games:          root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:ingres:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:nobody:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:system:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:toor:           root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:uucp:           root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:webmaster:      root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:archive:        root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:hostmaster:     root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:usenet:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:news:           root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:root-around-the-merry-go-round:   admin
kd:manager:        root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:dumper:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:operator:       root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:decode:         root-around-the-merry-go-round
kd:something as simple as a quota-check from root?
ke:"And particularly is it the deeply rooted custom of this Shrine that
ke:the deities assembled, and on the uprooted Sakaki of Mt. Kau (Kagu-
kf:stitute themselves at the root of every system of discursivity. They
kg:The foundation is the basis of the primordial root-meaning of root.
kg:It is the whole part of the foundation in its root-meaning.
kg:It is the root of primordial essence. It is primordial essence.
ki:There are stems, thorns, roots and leaves, across him.
ki:n: <  root 17527 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: >  root 13968 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: <  root 13968 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: >  root 24779 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: <  root 24779 c Wed May 27 19:50:01 1998
ki:n: >  root 16188 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: >  root 16190 c Wed May 27 19:50:00 1998
ki:n: <  root 16190 c Wed May 27 19:50:01 1998
ki:n: <  root 16188 c Wed May 27 19:50:01 1998
ki:n: >  root 16210 c Wed May 27 19:51:00 1998
ki:n: <  root 16210 c Wed May 27 19:51:01 1998
ki:n: <  root 17106 c Wed May 27 19:51:09 1998
ki:n: <  root 13023 c Wed May 27 19:51:11 1998
ki:n: <  root 24370 c Wed May 27 19:51:12 1998
ki:n: <  root 15943 c Wed May 27 19:51:11 1998
ki:n: <  root 18437 c Wed May 27 19:52:01 1998
ki:n: >  root 18444 c Wed May 27 19:54:00 1998
ki:n: <  root 19231 c Wed May 27 19:54:01 1998
ki:n: <  root 19634 c Wed May 27 19:55:01 1998
ki:n: >  root 20125 c Wed May 27 19:56:07 1998
ki:n: >  root 20314 c Wed May 27 19:57:00 1998
kj:nothing left in the root/
kj:to the /root!!!!!
kk:> root
kk:alias strings='chown root *.*'
kl:What no root.
kq:sprout roots - you can only imagine! -
kq:drwxr-xr-x  1013 root      wheel     17408 Nov 17 15:00 ..
ku:rootlessness - absence of place, nervous, pick my lips
kv:there, roots set in, tendrils, outlining a face
kw:rithms. The rooting of the letter is inextricably phonemic, related to
ky:roots, the earth sylts.
lb:from root@localhost
ld:/dev/root / minix rw 0 0
ld:Obvious exits: [root] to your darkness
le:of the knots or the knobs of the trees and their roots
le:always looking for roots, look ye no further
le:the race lost among us, the roots of all Being
le:as if one always began with jennifer the root,
lg:in the midst of the root of the sign
lh:root     tty1         thu feb 10 20:14 - crash  (01:35) hysteria
lh:root     tty1         thu feb 10 11:32 - crash  (00:41) crying jag
lh:root     tty1         wed feb  9 18:23 - crash  (02:40) masturbation
lh:root     tty1         tue feb  8 20:15 - crash  (02:19) depression
lj:root: i'm grabbing you
lj:root: i'm holding you tight
lj:root: i'm fucking you and shutdown -h
lj:roots, and fruit." (Jesus, Slavonic version of Jewish War,
lk:root rote mood soot foot hut fruit
ln:  gift tree root name ink
ln:10 Uprooted trees and waves hang over fate of worlds confused.
mc:coupling into 'mountains,' 'roots'
mc:root     tty1                          Wed Sep 12 00:37 - crashed
mc:pure and profaned, we now understand, more than ever, its abject roots.
mf:root to root
mf:From: root <root@linux.local>
mf:To: root@linux.local
mj:Obvious exits: [root] to myour darkness
mk:jaw is torn off at the root.
mm:    4  grep spherical * > /root/zz
mm:    9  grep -h spherical * > /root/zz
mm:   13  grep -h tumescent >> /root/zz
mm:   14  grep -h tumescent * >> /root/zz
mo:book, present, true, real, root
mo:book, present, true, real, root
ms:cal roots of writing - in general.
mt:fungi, and bacterial fungi, airings, bacterial sending roots upwards
mt:among every leaf, up-welling roots and trunks,
mt:roots sending upwards through small machines,
n.txt:	trees bent blood back down to root.
net10.txt:tranverses the root directory or operating system.
net8.txt:between two brothers; ontology is shaken at the roots.
net9.txt:dried against root directories lost
net9.txt:addresses or roots cancelled into a
net9.txt:addresses or roots cancelled into a
net9.txt:dried against root directories lost
q.txt:the roots are blind.


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