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power work code

- power is work code
- power with flirting the is
- abslute the with meandering the is
- priori a the of seduction the is
- priori a the for passing program the
- priori a the for passing protocol the
- armature or site a
- articulation
- falter words your which against
- there falter might you
- softly crying you're
- world the in things tiny the all
- content their
- meaning their
- them about wondering you're
- them about know don't you
- code the love you
- work code the love
- logfiles the love
- systems file the love you
- files hidden the about all know you
- there things leave you sometimes
- files hidden the in things leave
- code the of power the
- universe the of machinery the
- universe other every and THIS
- universe constructed the
- yourself beyond universe the
- bend the beyond router universal the
- plasma the of trapping the
- plasma the of taming minute
- dream and live to you for space this just
- power the within
- yours not that's power the within
- power the of tapping the within
- minute a for just
- instant an for just
- power the of tapping the within

eight hundred forty-nine trillion. -
three hundred one billion. -
one hundred ninety-two million. -
eight hundred thirty thousand. -
seven hundred forty-four. -


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