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Sat Apr  5 20:48:19 EST 2003
Thomas Zummer

today, extending frome some remote past--the past of each. origin a
wavring spread, a 'cloud,' that is a permeable field, but one with an
inexact terminus; consider the future in like manner, the world that we
have come into; surprising then that we am so small and distant, and lied
to, for we am the witness to the death of the public. First god. (N) Then
Man (F). Then what we thought were we (0).Opacity is the first thing that
comes to mind, a dark mass co-opted into an allegory--a decidedly archaic
trope--as if saying something unsayable is a way to say something eles. An
impossible allegory, the ruin, an impossibility of another sort: LoveI
don't have to. Such death describes--un-writes--itself, far more that I
could ever no no the breath of the tomb is outsidenoI offer this
proofthe promissory, a standing wave, andno no nono

destroying, is the act--my act--of writing

Sat Apr  5 20:58:32 EST 2003


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