The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the pure drop

i am the pure drop, useless and living
off the muscle of those working to produce
electronics, homes, and clothes,
for me and my partner,
for which we will never give sufficient thanks
to the unknown women, men, and children
suffering in order that i have the freedom
to write, to film, to play useless music
that inspires no one, leads no one
towards better lives or healthier bodies,
doesn't for an instant correct injustice
or lead to equalization among nations
or individuals - instead i reside, not really
aloof, but alone and powerful,
with equipment not of my making,
and in relative warmth and comfort -
possessing the luxurious ability
to think in any direction i desire,
to write whatever i want on whatever subject,
and to continue this useless work
at my leisure - i am this pure drop -
such a very pure drop -


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